Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 20

1. Proper investment of surplus fund is a duty of - Managing Committee
2. Rule 197 deals with - Maintenance of service register
3. The theme for the international day of Co-operatives will be decided by - COPAC
4. ___ is the minimum lending rate below this rate bank cannot provide loan to anyone - Base rate
5. Share withdrawal Register is kept for a period of - Permanent
6. Chartist Hall relates to - Rochdale pioneers
7. The liquidity position of concern can be tested with the help of - Acid test ratio
8. What is the fee for Revision - Rs. 250
9. The minimum support price is a scheme - NCDC
10. ___ is also called book of final entry - Ledger
11. How many members present in a special general body should vote to expel a member - 2/3rd Majority
12. Service area approach in rural lending was introduced by - RBI
13. A newly formed Co-operative society is exempted from payment of audit fees for a period - One year
14. KSCB is a member of - KSCARD Bank
15. Audit fee for SCU & CCU is based on - No audit fees
16. The main aim of one time settlement is to - Reduce overdues
17. Alteration of figures after audit is a limitation of - Continues audit
18. The probation of a co-operative employee can be extended up to - 2 year
19. Maximum addmissible gratuity is - 20 lakhs
20. ___ is the fist medical colledge in the co-operative sector in Kerala - Pariyaram
21. Classification of society is revised once in - 3 years
22. A banker's Debt is known as - Deposit
23. The interim committee consists of - Not more than 5 members
24. The paymetn made to the patentee author is - Royality/copyright
25. Reserve kept for payment immediately in cash - Fluid resources
26. Which scheme adopts whole farm approach and reasonable component for consumption needs - KCC
27. The drawee of a cheque is always a - Bank
28. The birth palce of land mortgage banking is - Germany
29. Objects of Reserve fund and disposal is mentioned in Rule - 61
30. There is one central co-operative Bank in each - District
31. The banking system Maxim every loan creates deposit applies to - Derivative Deposit
32. The fund raised with the society are called - Owned fund
33. For the custody of cash and valuable PACS followed ___ system - Double lock system
34. An officer appointed unser sec 65 of KCS Act - Enquiry officer
35. ___ has a right to sign in the identity card of a member of co-op society - Secretary
36. Expenditure to keep assets in good condition - Revenue
37. The difference between interest charged by the bank and paid by the banks - Margin
38. The process of cream separation from milk is introduced by - AC Neilsen
39. Central agency of wholesale societies of West Germany - EDIKA
40. The first step towars surcharge is - Inquiry
41. Loans which are backed by maternal societies are known as - Secured loans
42. B class shares of DCB are subscribed by - Government
43. Section 68 deals with - Surcharge
44. The loss of value of currency of a country related to other foreign currency is - Devaluation
45. Which is established for promoting inter Co-operative Trade at the international level - ICA
46. The present president of NCUI - Chanderpal Singh Yadav
47. ___ are non interest bearing deposits - Current
48. First Indian bank which open branch in London - Bank of India
49. Expand MUDRA - Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd
50. DFHI Expand - Discount and Financial House of India

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