1. ___ was the Divan of Travancore, who led a rebellion in 1808 and was publically hanged.
[a] Sir CP Ramaswami Iyer
[b] Sir Thomas Munro
[c] Velu Thampi
[d] Veera Pandya

2. The Simon Commission was boycotted by the Congress and in ___ the Congress demanded 'Purna Swaraj' for India.
[a] October 1929
[b] December 1929
[c] November 1929
[d] January 1930

3. The foundation of Buddhism is the ___ noble truths and the ___ fold path
[a] two, eight
[b] six, four
[c] eight, six
[d] four, eight

4. Krishnadevaraya was the greatest ruler of the ___ empire.
[a] Vijayanagara
[b] Bahmani
[c] Mehrangarh
[d] Kakatiya

5. The first Carnatic war was fought when the French-led by Dupleix captured ___
[a] Pondicherry
[b] Hyderabad
[c] Bombay
[d] Madras

6. In ___ the Queen of England was proclaimed as the Empress of India.
[a] 1876
[b] 1878
[c] 1877
[d] 1867

7. Who among the following has complied 'Raghuvamsham'
[a] Kabirdas
[b] Tulsidas
[c] Kalidasa
[d] Surdas

8. The Battle of Plassey was fought between Siraj Ud Dolah and British East India Company on
[a] 23rd June 1757
[b] 23rd June 1557
[c] 23rd June 1657
[d] 23rd June 1857

9. Qutubudin Aibak and Razia belonged to the ___ dynasty
[a] Mumluk
[b] Mughal
[c] Khilji
[d] Lodhi

10. ___ was the adopted son of Baji Rao II, who was deprived of his pension and title.
[a] Tatya Tope
[b] Nana Saheb
[c] Bahadur Shah Zafar
[d] Mangal Pandey

11. Murshid Quli Khan declared himself the Nawab of Bengal and transferred his capital from Dacca (Dhaka) to ___
[a] Giria
[b] Buxar
[c] Moradabad
[d] Murshidabad

12. King Ashoka sent missionaries to far off places to propagate the ideals of Buddhism and inspire people to live by the teaching of Lord Buddha which included his son and daughter
[a] Mahesh and Sangeeta
[b] Mahendra and Sanghamitra
[c] Majon and Sanjana
[d] Mandeep and Suhasana

13. ___ was the capital of the Pandya Kingdom
[a] Gaya
[b] Kanchipuram
[c] Madurai
[d] Dvarasamudhra

14. The Sur Dynasty was founded by Sher Shah was ruled from ___.
[a] 1530 to 1545
[b] 1535 to 1545
[c] 1540 to 1545
[d] 1538 to 1545

15. ___ was a unique type of land distribution and the administrative system evolved during the Sultanate period.
[a] Zamindari
[b] Lqtadari
[c] Patwari
[d] Mahalwari

16. What was the name fo the party launched by Subhas Chandra Bose in 1939?
[a] Communist Party of India
[b] Socialist Party of India
[c] All India Forward Bloc
[d] Azad Bengal Fauj

17. Which of the following Veda mentions about music?
[a] Rigveda
[b] Yajurveda
[c] Samaveda
[d] Altharvana Veda

18. Fatehpur Sikri or the 'City of Victory' was ___ capital for 12 years.
[a] Bahadur Shah's
[b] Babur's
[c] Aurangzeb's
[d] Akbar's

19. ___ introduced the Mansabdari system which was introduced to strengthen the army.
[a] Jahangir
[b] Babur
[c] Akbar
[d] Aurangzeb

20. The battles of Plassey and Buxar established English rule over
[a] Orissa
[b] Oudh
[c] Bengal
[d] Bihar

21. Akbar the Mughal ruler was born at
[a] Amerkot
[b] Sialkot
[c] Agra
[d] Fatehpur Sikri

22. The Kingdom of Tamara headquartered at ___ was founded by Anangpal Tomar of the Rajput dynasty
[a] Delhi
[b] Gujarat
[c] Ajmer
[d] Malwa

23. Nicolo Conti visited Vijayanagara in ___ AD during the reign of Devaraya II.
[a] 1418
[b] 1424
[c] 1420
[d] 1434

24. Name the viceroy who inaugurated New Delhi as the new capital of India in the year 1931.
[a] Lord Irwin
[b] Lord Wellesley
[c] Lord Cornwallis
[d] Lord Curson

25. ___ Futuhat-i-Firoz Shahi gives a record of his administrative achievements.
[a] Zia-ud-din Barani's
[b] Abu'l Faiz's
[c] Firoz Shah Tughlaq's
[d] Gulbadan Begum's