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Dear Aspirants, We are going publish Topic-wise Practice Questions for Kerala Public Service Commission, Lower Division Clerk Exam 2024 (Kerala PSC LDC 2024) twice in a week. Those who are preparing for LDC 2024 Exam can find useful study Material, Weekly Mock Test and Practice Question Papers to access your preparation.

Expected Questions are powerful tools used in attaining knowledge, problem solving and making connections. Asking them is essential. It helps us identify gaps in our understanding and make sure we’re on the right track when finding solutions. They also help us engage in meaningful conversations, build trust, and develop relationships with students.

Expected questions might sound like just a simple thing, but it is still one of the most important skills in life. Whether you are a student, an employee, or a parent, they will always lead you to the information and answers you need to make informed decisions.

Practice question papers are mock tests that the students can solve to be well prepared for the actual exam. You can solve these papers to revise a vast syllabus quickly. You can improve your time management skills by setting a time limit for yourself by solving these sample question papers.


The most authentic source of information for the pattern of questions asked in prelims and mains exam are the previous years’ question papers. When you solve these papers, you get the idea about what kind of question are asked from different topics, which areas are more important, whether questions are more from static part or dynamic part, etc.

You can get started with solving PSC Previous Year’s Question Paper by clicking on the link given.

Solving previous years' question papers gives you the idea of your level of preparation. Self-assessment is a vital part of PSC preparation. When you do mistakes, you learn from them. This helps you in determining what strategy you should follow in continuing the preparation and identifying strengths and weaknesses.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Kerala PSC LDC Model Questions

1. What are Kerala PSC LDC model questions?

Kerala PSC LDC model questions are practice questions designed to simulate the format and content of the Lower Division Clerk (LDC) exam conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission. They help candidates prepare effectively by providing a realistic preview of the exam.

2. What topics are covered in the Kerala PSC LDC model questions?
The model questions cover a wide range of topics, including:

■ General Knowledge
■ Current Affairs
■ Mental Ability
■ Arithmetic
■ English Language
■ Malayalam Language

3. How can Kerala PSC LDC model questions help in exam preparation?
These questions help candidates:

■ Familiarize themselves with the exam pattern
■ Understand the types of questions asked
■ Improve time management skills
■ Identify areas needing more practice
■ Boost overall confidence

4. Where can I find Kerala PSC LDC model questions?
Model questions can be found in:

■ PSC exam preparation books
■ Online educational platforms
■ Kerala PSC's official website
■ Coaching centers specializing in PSC exams

5. Are the model questions similar to the actual exam questions?
Yes, model questions are designed to closely resemble the actual exam questions in terms of format, difficulty level, and subject matter, providing an effective tool for exam preparation.

6. How many model questions should I practice daily?
It varies based on individual preparation strategies, but it is generally recommended to practice at least 20-30 questions daily to build familiarity and confidence.

7. Can practicing model questions guarantee success in the Kerala PSC LDC exam?
While practicing model questions significantly improves your chances of success by familiarizing you with the exam format and identifying weak areas, it should be combined with comprehensive study and revision of the syllabus for best results.

8. Are there any online platforms offering free Kerala PSC LDC model questions?
Yes, several online platforms and websites offer free model questions, including educational forums, exam preparation websites, and Kerala PSC’s official website.

9. Do the model questions come with answers and explanations?
Most model question sets come with answers and detailed explanations, helping candidates understand the reasoning behind each correct answer and learn from their mistakes.

10. How should I use the model questions effectively?
To use model questions effectively:

Set a timer to simulate exam conditions
Review and analyze your answers
Focus on understanding the explanations for any mistakes
Regularly practice to track improvement and build confidence

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