Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions -19

1. A savings Bank A/c becomes inoperative after - 2 years
2. Who is the chairman of deposit insurance and credit guarantee corporation? - Deputy Governor of RBI
3. In business goods purchased for resale purpose is a - Expense
4. The chief executive of farmers service cooperative bank is designated as - Managing Director
5. Immovable property given as security for debt is called - Mortgage
6. A bill before acceptance is called - Draft
7. The value remaining after the working life of an asset is - Scrap value
8. Who shall constitute cooperative Arbitration courts in Kerala - State Government
9. Who was a social reformer and pioneer of the cooperative movement - Robert Owen
10. Sputnic is the first cooperative society movement in - China
11. Election of the president of a cooperative society is conduced by - State cooperative election commission
12. The objects of the proposed society shall be in accordance with section - Section 14
13. Who is the author of "Unfinished Dream" - Varghese Kurien
14. The apex institution of industrial banks in India - IDBI
15. After the death of a partner, the amount payable is received by - Executor of the death partner
16. Loans which are backed by material securities are known as - Secured Loans
17. The punishment that can be imposed by the president to a clerk - Demotion
18. The non-refunded assistance from Govt. for societies - Grant
19. Excess of expenditure income is - Deficit
20. Headquarters of HSBC Bank - London
21. The rent paid to the landlord is credited to - Cash A/c
22. Voting principle of a cooperative society is - One man one vote
23. Grading and standardization is a function of ___ societies - Marketing societies
24. DCB register which is maintained by cooperative banks denotes - Demand collection and balance register
25. Persona expenses such as income tax, life insurance are created as - Drawings
26. Affix of stamps are necessary in the case of - Promissory note
27. Accounting standards board was established in the year - 1977
28. Kerala cooperative societies amendment act 2013 is known as - Act 8 of 2013
29. ___ is India's largest regional Rural Bank - Kerala Gramin Bank
30. Safe locker facility is a ___ function of commercial banks - General Utility function
31. Liability arises only when an event's occurrence or non-occurence - Contingent liability
32. A bill payable on the expiry of a particular period of time is a ___ bill - Time bill
33. COPRA stands for - Consumer protection act
34. In case of retiring a bill, the holder usually allows a concession for early payment called - Rebate
35. ___ is a command not a request - Bill of exchange
36. Who is known a Debtor's Debtor - Garnishee
37. RRB is a ___ level bank - Primary
38. Another name for World Bank is - IBRD
39. "If loans are the children of deposits, deposits are also the children of loan" who said this - John Keynes
40. Banker's Lies is an implied pledge, who said this - Lord Campbell
41. Short note was given by Banker, to point out a reason to reject cheque is called - Return Memo
42. "Direct to Kitchen" is related to - KERAFED
43. Drawee of a bill is always ___ in the case of withdrawal from the bank - Bank
44. The Co-operative party was a venture of - England
45. Internal Management of a company is specified in - Articles of Association
46. COBI was established as per the recommendation of - AM Khushru
47. The founder president of CAMPCO was - Varanasi Subraya Bhat
48. A DCB can open branches only with the prior sanction of - RCS
49. Krithy 2019 - International book fair at Ernakulam organised by - SPCS
50. The result of the election shall be recorded in the minutes book of the society and attested by the - Returning Officer

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