Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 50

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 50

1. Volume of liquid is measured in?
[a] Litre
[b] Gram
[c] Metre
[d] Yard

2. The material used for the bomb dropped in Nagasaki
[a] Plutonium
[b] Thorium
[c] Uranium
[d] None of these

3. Which human organ first affected by Nuclear Radiation?
[a] Brain
[b] Liver
[c] Heart
[d] Kidney

4. Which metal contributes the largest portion of the mass of the earth?
[a] Aluminium
[b] Magnesium
[c] Iron
[d] Nickel

5. The mineral added to cement to adjust the duration of setting?
[a] Epsom salt
[b] Bentonite
[c] Lime
[d] Gypsum

6. Which one of the following not in crystalline form?
[a] Table salt
[b] Blue Vitriyol
[c] Rubber
[d] Sugar

7. The most abundant mineral in sea water
[a] Sodium
[b] Magnesium
[c] Vanadium
[d] Chlorine

8. Which metal is used to make the covering of nuclear reactors?
[a] Lead
[b] Uranium
[c] Tin
[d] Copper

9. What is the main content of Biogas?
[a] ethane
[b] Methane
[c] Acetylene
[d] Butane

10. The first organic compound prepared in laboratory
[a] Ammonia
[b] Urea
[c] Methane
[d] Benzene

11. Which is known as ‘Artificial Silk’?
[a] Cotton
[b] Nylon
[c] Terylene
[d] Rayon

12. Which one of the following is an isotope of hydrogen is
[a] protium
[b] deuterium
[c] tritium
[d] all of these

13. The main constituent of cellulose
[a] Nitrogen
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Carbon
[d] Oxygen

14. Which gas is commercially produced through bosch process?
[a] Oxygen
[b] nitrogen
[c] Helium
[d] Hydrogen

15. Which is added to petrol in cold countries to avoid freezing?
[a] Ethylene glycol
[b] Tetra ethyl lead
[c] ethyl mercapton
[d] Benzene

16. Plant ash contains
[a] Calcium
[b] Potassium
[c] Silver
[d] Tin

17. Atomic number of nitrogen
[a] 7
[b] 8
[c] 9
[d] 19

18. Potassium is kept in:
[a] Water
[b] Kerosene
[c] Alcohol
[d] Ammonia

19. The modern periodic table is based on?
[a] Decreasing order of mass number
[b] Increasing order of atomic number
[c] Decreasing order of atomic number
[d] Increasing order of mass number

20. Atoms of elements having same number of neutrons are called?
[a] Isobars
[b] Isomers
[c] Isotones
[d] Isotopes

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