Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 49

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 49

1. What is the unit of conductance
[a] Siemens
[b] Pascal
[c] Coulomb
[d] Newton

2. Photoelectric effect was explained by?
[a] Henrich Hertz
[b] Albert Einsten
[c] Isaac Newton
[d] Max Plank

3. Waves used in distant photography is
[a] Ultraviolet
[b] X- rays
[c] Infrared
[d] Radio waves

4. The element which is abundant in sea weeds?
[a] Bromine
[b] Iodine
[c] Clorine
[d] Astatine

5. The acid used as an oxidizer in rocket propellants
[a] Sulphuric acid
[b] Boric acid
[c] Nitric acid
[d] Benzoic acid

6. Chemical name of Bleaching powder is
[a] Calcium hypochlorite
[b] Sodium Thiosulphate
[c] Calcium hydroxide
[d] Calcium chloride

7. Which is known as the `Traffic Police of the Cell`?
[a] Nucleus
[b] golgi apparatus
[c] A T P
[d] Lysosomes

8. Tear producing glands in eyes?
[a] Lachrymal gland
[b] Pituitary gland
[c] Thymus gland
[d] Adrenal gland

9. The loss of motor neuron in the body causes which of the following diseases
[a] Alzheimers
[b] Encephalitis
[c] Thrombosis
[d] Parkinsons

10. The Disease Typhoid affects which organ?
[a] Kidney
[b] Intestine
[c] Pancreas
[d] Spleen

11. The first Khadi village in Kerala?
[a] Balussery
[b] Kalyasseri
[c] Chempakassery
[d] Krishnagiri

12. Which is popularly known as Kashmir of Kerala?
[a] Ponmudi
[b] Munnar
[c] Lakkidi
[d] Chirapunji

13. Where is the first man made forest in Kerala?
[a] Kannur
[b] Kozhikode
[c] Kasargod
[d] Wayanad

14. Where is CADA (Command Area Development Authority) situated?
[a] Palarivattam (Kochi)
[b] Pambadumpara (Idukki)
[c] Puttady (Idukki)
[d] Perukav (Thrissur)

15. Which is the only Christian Dynasty in Kerala ?
[a] Arakkal
[b] Villarvattom
[c] Travancore
[d] Elayidath

16. Govind Pashu Vihar National Park is located at
[a] Jharkhand
[b] Uttarakhand
[c] Chattisgarh
[d] Chandigarh

17. Which state is known as “ Fort of Local Political Parties”?
[a] Kerala
[b] Sikkim
[c] Goa
[d] Tamil Nadu

18. Longest serving Women Chief Minister in India?
[a] Uma Bharathi
[b] Sheela Dixit
[c] Nandini Satpathi
[d] Anandi Ben Patel

19. The country that is lying in nearest to Lakshadweep?
[a] Maldives
[b] Myanmar
[c] Srilanka
[d] Indonesia

20. The old name of Assam Rifles is
[a] Coast Guard
[b] Kachar Levy
[c] Action Force
[d] Battalion

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