Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 51

1. Molecular formula of Glucose
[a] C9H12O8
[b] C6H15O7
[c] C6H12O6
[d] C6H10O6

2. Industry insulator which type of glass is used
[a] Fibre glass
[b] Safety glass
[c] Flint glass
[d] Borosilicate glass

3. The sugar which is produced at the time of photosynthesis?
[a] Fractose
[b] Lactose
[c] Maltose
[d] Sucrose

4. The sugar which is 200 times sweeter than common table sugar
[a] Fructose
[b] Saccharine
[c] Aspartame
[d] Glucose

5. The study of wines
[a] Onerology
[b] Oenology
[c] Deltiology
[d] Rhinology

6. The alcohol which is produced from molasses
[a] Brandy
[b] Rum
[c] Feni
[d] Whisky

7. Chemical name of Wood Spirit?
[a] Methanol
[b] Ethyl Alcohol
[c] Ammonium di chromate
[d] Ethanol

8. Vulcanization was developed by
[a] Charles Fabry
[b] Hans Oersted
[c] Charles Goodyear
[d] Alexander Volta

9. Ester containing Smell of Pine apple
[a] Isoamyl Acetate
[b] Ethyl Butyrate
[c] Octyl Acetate
[d] Ethyl Formate

10. The drugs used to treat infections
[a] Antipyretic
[b] Tranquilizer
[c] Antiseptic
[d] Antibiotics

11. First synthetic rubber is
[a] Polymer
[b] Neoprene
[c] Isoprene
[d] Vulcanized rubber

12. The plastic used to make gum
[a] urea formaldehyde
[b] nylon
[c] polyester
[d] polythene

13. Father of Polymer Chemistry
[a] Herman Staudinger
[b] Herman Goodden
[c] Hermann Markus
[d] Charles Richard

14. Study of artificial fibre is called
[a] polymer nucleus
[b] polymer chemistry
[c] polymerisation
[d] none of these

15. Simplest unit of polymers
[a] Big molecule
[b] Amino acids
[c] Monomer
[d] Polymer

16. PH value of Vinegar?
[a] 2.4
[b] 2.5
[c] 2.9
[d] 2.7

17. Bases turns red litmus paper into
[a] Pink
[b] Blue
[c] No colour
[d] Green

18. Old name of Hydrochloric acid
[a] Muriatic acid
[b] Barbituric acid
[c] Aquafortis
[d] Hydrochloric acid

19. The chemical process for producing Nitric acid
[a] Ostwald process
[b] Haber process
[c] Cyanide process
[d] Dow process

20. Which one of the following is not applicable to metals?
[a] High melting point
[b] High boiling point
[c] High density
[d] Low melting point

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