Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 52

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 52

1. Tennessine atomic number is?
[a] 118
[b] 119
[c] 116
[d] 117

2. A reaction in which no new substance is produced is called?
[a] Physical reaction
[b] Chain reaction
[c] Chemical reaction
[d] None of these

3. International `Mole` day is celebrated on?
[a] September 22
[b] April 23
[c] October 23
[d] March 22

4. The ability of an atom to donate electrons is called _____
[a] electro negativity
[b] electro positivity
[c] Ionisation energy
[d] None of these

5. Ionic bond was proposed by
[a] Kossel
[b] Moseley
[c] Joseph Priesly
[d] Mendeleev

6. First metal discovered by man
[a] Chromium
[b] Lithium
[c] Copper
[d] Mercury

7. The strongest reducing agent
[a] Lead
[b] Iridium
[c] Lithium
[d] Mercury

8. The metals helps for blood clotting
[a] Magnesium
[b] Potassium
[c] Silicon
[d] Calcium

9. The most corrosion resistant metal
[a] Cromium
[b] Lithium
[c] Iridium
[d] Osmium

10. Prominent element present in panchaloha
[a] Gold (Au)
[b] Lead
[c] Copper (Cu)
[d] Platinum

11. The gas used in the Refrigerator is?
[a] Argon
[b] Krypton
[c] Freon
[d] Neon

12. The impurity present in the ore
[a] Gangue
[b] Flux
[c] Slag
[d] None of these

13. The alloy used for making the parts of engines
[a] Invar
[b] Chrome steel
[c] Bronze
[d] Silumin

14. The name hydrogen was given by
[a] Cavendish
[b] Moseley
[c] Lavoisier
[d] Mendeleev

15. The element which is not included in any group?
[a] Helium
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Nitrogen
[d] Oxygen

16. Calorific value of hydrogen
[a] 1.5 lakh Joule/kg
[b] 1.6 lakh Joule/ kg
[c] 1.8 lakh Joule/kg
[d] 1.9 lakh Joule/kg

17. Chemical name of quartz is
[a] Silicon Oxide
[b] Silicon Dioxide
[c] Sodium Sulphate
[d] Calcium Oxychloride

18. The chemical added to give particular smell to LPG
[a] Ethyl Marcaptan
[b] Methyl Isocyanate
[c] Ammonium Nitrate
[d] Ethyl Butyrate

19. Main raw material of glass
[a] Sodium Silicate
[b] Hydrofluoric acid
[c] Water
[d] Silica

20. _____ is used for the alloy in heating elements
[a] Invar
[b] Nichrome
[c] Duralumin
[d] Soldrering wire

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