Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 53

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 53

1. The first scientist who gave a definition to element is
[a] Berzelius
[b] Robert Boyle
[c] Dalton
[d] Lavosier

2. Elements that conduct electricity and heat which tends to lose electrons are called _____
[a] non metals
[b] metals
[c] metalloids
[d] none of these

3. The only radio active element in gaseous form
[a] Francium
[b] Radon
[c] Cesium
[d] Argon

4. The combination of two or more elements is called _____?
[a] Metals
[b] Molecules
[c] Compounds
[d] Colloid

5. The recently discovered chemical compound for the treatment of cancer?
[a] Cisplatin
[b] Ethambutol
[c] Isoniazid
[d] Doxorubicin

6. The second element which forms largest number of compounds?
[a] Carbon
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Oxygen
[d] Helium

7. For preservation of grains and food?
[a] Silver Bromide
[b] Sodium Citrate
[c] Sodium Benzoate
[d] Sodium Peroxide

8. A mixture of two faces of the matter is called?
[a] Colloid
[b] Emulsion
[c] Foam
[d] Aerosol

9. Isotope was discovered by?
[a] Humphry Davy
[b] Rutherford
[c] Frederick Soddy
[d] Robert Boyle

10. The term isobars was suggested by?
[a] Alfred Walter Stewart
[b] Moseley
[c] K. Guggen Heim
[d] Lother meyer

11. Diamond is chemically?
[a] A mixture of metal carbonate
[b] Pure carbon
[c] A pure form of sand
[d] A mixture of Calcium and Magnesium phosphate

12. Moseley`s periodic table was based on the
[a] Atomic number of elements
[b] Atomic Mass
[c] Neutron number of element
[d] Electron number of elements

13. Modern perodic table contains
[a] 7 horizontal rows and 18 vertical columns
[b] 7 columns and 18 horizontal rows
[c] 6 horizontal rows and 17 vertical columns
[d] 7 columns and 14 horizontal rows

14. Periodic laws were put forward by?
[a] Mossley
[b] Mendeleev
[c] Meyer
[d] Rutherford

15. The right side of the periodic table denotes
[a] Metal
[b] Non metals
[c] Alkaline Earth metals
[d] Alkali Metals

16. Most abundant element on earth`s crust
[a] Aluminium
[b] Oxygen
[c] Hydrogen
[d] Nitrogen

17. Most stable element
[a] Radon
[b] Osmium
[c] Lead
[d] Astatine

18. Elements with atomic number 89 -103 are known as?
[a] Lanthanides
[b] Representative elements
[c] Actinides
[d] None of these

19. Man made elements are known as?
[a] Metals
[b] Transuranics
[c] Coloured compounds
[d] Representative elements

20. The element with `Name of sun`
[a] Selenium
[b] Tellurium
[c] Helium
[d] Palladium

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