Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 101

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 101

  1. Wood used in making cricking cricket bats; from which is got?

  2. Which is the plant hormone that induces cell division?

  3. By whom is the Annual Financial Statement caused to be laid before both Houses of Parliament?

  4. In vulcanisation, with which the natural rubber is heated?

  5. Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis at the fastest rate?

  6. Which Gupta ruler was a poet and a musician and was adorned with the title of Kaviraja or King Of poets?

  7. Indian first took part in the Olympic Games in which year?

  8. Which is the only woman to have won three Wimbledon titles in a row?

  9. Which algae is used as biofertilizer in the production of crop paddy?

  10. Which planet is known as the ‘Watery Planet’ ?

  11. On which river did Pulakesin II defeat Harshavardhana?

  12. How are the members of the Rajya Sabha elected?

  13. When lake starts freezing the formation of the ice will start first at which point?

  14. How is the standard of living in a country represented?

  15. What will be the antipodal position of a place located at 350 south and 800 west?

  16. Who was the first Muslim ruler to formulate the theory of Kingship similar to the theory of divine right of King?

  17. Where is Salar Jung Museum situated?

  18. Which unicellular algae are used as source of oxygen in space research?

  19. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner of India?

  20. If news is broadcast from London at 10:30 AM, at what time it will be heard at Baghdad (450 E)?

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