Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 102

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 102
  1. Which ruler in India challenged the authority of the Ulemas or Muslim clergy?

  2. Which is used as a filler in rubber tyres ?

  3. Indian Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Science is located at which city?

  4. Which is the best measure of economic growth of a country ?

  5. Where is the Taiga belt found?

  6. Who was the ruler of medieval India who is credited with the building of the Grand Trunk Road?

  7. What is the Branch of science which deals with the study of skin of man?

  8. Up to howmuch age can the Members of the Union Public Service Commission function?

  9. The north pole of the earth’s magnet is near the geographical which direction?

  10. Which region gets no rainfall throughout the year?

  11. Tansen, the greatest musician of Akbar’s court, belonged to which place?

  12. Where is the The International Court of Justice located?

  13. On which date the United Nations Organisation came into existence?

  14. Which branch of science in which we study about molluscs?

  15. Bowl shaped depression created as a result of glacial erosion high on a mountainside what is this called?

  16. Which Mughal ruler was ignorant of the art of reading and writing?

  17. Of which country Indian Constitution closely follows the constitutional system?

  18. Alcoholic fermentation is brought about the action of which thing?

  19. What is the aim of Operation Blackboard?

  20. What is Residual hill in the desert region?

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