Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 100

  1. The United Nations declared 2013 as which International Year?

  2. When is World Day Against Death Penalty, recognized by the WCADP observed?

  3. In which animal, is skin a respiratory organ?

  4. Which kind of organisms are the diatoms?

  5. Which Sultan had greatest number of slaves in his court?

  6. Which describes India as a Secular State?

  7. Which gase changes lime water in milky colour?

  8. Planning in India derives its objectives from which policy?

  9. There is a submarine ridge in the Bay of Bengal. What is it called?

  10. Which planet is known as the ‘Watery Planet’ ?

  11. Which decade is celebrated as United Nations decade of Sustainble energy for all?

  12. Which type of the fruit formed without fertilisation?

  13. By which act did the Crown take the Government of India into its own hands?

  14. What is the Jharkhand’s contribution in the total coal production in India?

  15. Between which was the ancient town of Takshasila located?

  16. For the measurement of temperature of the order of 400°C, what will we prefer?

  17. The term L.B.W. is associated with which game?

  18. Who is called the ‘Father of Economics’ ?

  19. In which year Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was setup in India?

  20. Which Mauryan emperor abdicated his throne and migrated to the south to live as Jain ascetic ?

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