General Science - Biology


  • Father of Biology - Aristotle 
  • The term Biology is coined by - Jean Lamarck 
  • The study of the structure and function of living cells - Cytology
  • The smallest and fundamental unit of life - Cells
  • The scientist who discovered the cell - Robert Hook (1665)
  • Cells nucleus was discovered by - Robert Brown
  • Animal cell was discovered by - Theodar Schwan
  • Plant cell was discovered by - MJ Schleiden
  • Scientist who discovered that the new cells are formed due to cell division - Rudolf Virchow
  • Cells are made up of Protoplasm
  • Longest cell - Nerve Cell
  • Largest cell in size - The egg of Ostrich
  • The Largest human cell - Ovum
  • The smallest cell in the human body - sperm
  • Power House of a cell - Mitochondria
  • Suicidal bags in the cell - Lysosomes
  • Study of tissues is known as - Histology
  • The plant tissue that helps to transport water and salts from root to leaf - Xylem
  • The plant tissue that helps to transport food from leaf to other part of plant body - Phloem
  • The branch of life science dealing with the study of classification of living organisms - Taxonomy

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