1. What is known as 'the relay station of brain'?

2. Which gland is known as 'the Biological Clock'?

3. What percent of the total energy in human body is utilized by brain?

4. Which enzyme present in the intestine digests protein?

5. Bose Einstein condensate is the ___th form of matter?

6. At what temperature water has the maximum density?

7. The energy absorbed during the change of a state of substance is called:

8. The sound frequency below 20 Hz is called:

9. Who invented the Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?

10. A person can swim comfortable in water.This is due to the application of which law?

11. Which light phenomenon causes the brilliance of diamond?

12. Which physical quality is indicated by the color of a star?

13. Which property of the light causes the ponds to look shallow?

14. Endoscopy is the technique or other inner parts of the body. It works on the principle of:

15. Materials for rain-proof coats & tents owe their water proof property to:

16. Which is the largest muscle in the human body?

17. Which is the second largest gland in human body after liver?

18. What is known as the 'Juenile Gland'?

19. Which vitamin will be spoiled when baking soda is used in cooking?

20. Who invented Telescope?

21. Who invented Barometer?

22. Who invented Electric Battery?

23. Who invented Electric Iron?

24. Who invented Jet Engine?

25. Who invented Stethoscope?