Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 24

1. Money obtained by issuing debenture is ___ receipt. - Capital
2. Classification of society is revised once in? - 3 years
3. RBI has asked banks to provide loans upto 3 lak to women SHG at a discount rate of ___ per annum. - 7
4. What is the fee for appeal for refusal of ID Card? - Rs. 50
5. Establishment Deals with section: - 80
6. Who will be the concurrent auditor of DCB? - Joint Director
7. Salary paid by cheque is credit to: - Bank A/c
8. Super profit method is used in the valuation of ___ - Goodwill
9. Interest on capital will be shown on the __ side of P&L A/c - Debit side
10. Provision for bad debts account is created by debiting ___ A/c - Profit and Loss A/c
11. ___ is an example of common facility workshop? - Co-operative spinning mills
12. MUDRA Bank is the subsidiary of: - SIDBI
13. As insured Co-op. bank came under section ___ of KCS Act? - 74A
14. Current ratio shows the ___ of a business concern? - Liquidity position
15. The universal keyboard is also known as: - Qwerty keyboard
16. Who invented Malayalam typewriter? - NS Pandala
17. USB stands for: - Universal Serial Bus
18. A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further sub divided into: Secotrs
19. Father of computer virology? - Von Neumann
20. Netscape is an example of : - Browser
21. The term ___ refers to a bad or Criminal hacker? - Black hat
22. When did IT Act came into force in India? - Oct 17th 2000
23. ___ is a technique designed to decrypt the private message - Hacking
24. Stealing one's name address and other personal information through internet is known as - Phishing
25. The term cyber space was coined by - William Gibson
26. ___ is the very basis of all accounting concepts, conventions and principles: - Business Entity Concept
27. Audit report which contains no conditions is called: Clean report
28. The closing balance of R&D statement is shown as ___ in the Balance sheet: Cash in Hand
29. The book maintained by the audit clerk during the course of audit is : Audit Note Book
30. Kerala Institute of Co-operative Management was established in the year: 2009
31. The account held by particular domestic bank in a Foreign Bank is called: Nostro Account
32. Minimum rate of Interest fixed by RBI for saving a/c: 3.5%
33. Payments Banks cannot accept - Fixed Deposit
34. Which committee first time proposed the concept of Differentiated Banks - Nachiket More Committee
35. How many elements were there in Indhradhanush plan for banking reforms? - Seven
36. UPI is developed by: NCPI
37. PMJJBY meant for : Covers Life Insurance upto Rs. 2 lakh
38. Who is the administrator of APY Scheme? - Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
39. ___ is not possible in the case of DD, due to prepayment of amount: - Dishonor
40. Crossing is erased by a dishonest person. It is called : Obliterating Crossing
41. An illiterate person endorse the Instrument by:Thumb impression
42. Unmanned cash dispensers are: ATM
43. The first bank to provide mobile ATM: ICICI Bank
44. Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) facility is provided by: NPCI
45. NEFT is an electronic mode of fund transfer between bank accounts through an electronic system maintained and monitered by:RBI
46. Modern method adopted to increase the speed for Cheque clearing process? - MICR
47. Eighth Co-operative congress held at: Kannur
48. The most popular negotiable Instrument is: Cheque
49. 'Presumptive value' is related to ___ CARDB
50. Quasi negotiable instrument used by shipping company acknowledging receipts of goods: Bill of lading

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