Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 67

1. The publication launched by the British Committee of INC in 1890?

2. The publication started by Gandhiji in 1933?

3. The publication started by Gandhiji in South Africa?

4. The Quit India Day coincides with the anniversary of _____?

5. “We do not ask favours, we only want justice”, these were the words of ______ ?

6. “What began as a fight for religion, ended as a war of independence’: this remarks about the Revolt of 1857 was made by?

7. The Viceroy during the Second Afghan War of (1878-80)?

8. The Viceroy during the Second and Third Round Table Conference?

9. The Viceroy of British India who resigned over the question of Egypt?

10. Adayar was the famous centre and headquarters of the?

11. The venue of 1939 session of Indian National Congress?

12. After independence, in which type of states former rulers were appointed as ‘Rajapramukh’ to head the administration?

13. After matriculation, in which college Gandhiji joined?

14. After the Surat split of 1907, the second split of Indian National Congress took place in 1918 on the issue of?

15. The Viceroy who appointed Hunter Commission to enquire into education?

16. After the withdrawl of non-cooperation movement, the Congress was divided into?

17. Against what laws did Gandhiji along with other non-whites raise his voice in South Africa?

18. As per the resolution adpoted by the Committee of All Parties conference on 19th May 1928 who was made the chairman to consider and determine the principles of the Constitution of India?

19. Ashfaqulla Khan was sentenced to death in connection with?

20. Asiatic Society of Bengal was established in?

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