Kerala PSC - Model Questions for Sub Inspector of Police - 02

  1. Pazhassi Kudeeram situated in?

  2. In which district is Peppars wildlife sanctuary located?

  3. The second university of Kerala the Calicut University was started functioning in:

  4. The First MLA to be disqualified under the antidefection law:

  5. Who is the Founder of Dharmabhada Sangam?

  6. Who presided over the first Malabar district conference held at Palakkad in 1916?

  7. Samastha Kerala Pusthakalaya Samiti was started in?

  8. The Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute is situated at:

  9. Name the former chief minister of Kerala who was later appointed as the Governor of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh

  10. Which ruler of Travancore replaced the Devadasi system?

  11. Who inaugurated India's first women police station at Kozhikode on 1973?

  12. The statue of which social reformer was unveiled by Indira Gandhi in November 1980 at Kowdiar square, Thiruvananthapuram

  13. Who translated Hortus Malabaricus into Malayalam and English which published by Kerala University?

  14. Who was the only Muslim Diwan of Travancore Kingdom?

  15. Which former chief minister of Kerala used the pen names PS Surendran and Parameswaran?

  16. Who founded the Siddha Samaj in 1921?

  17. Which social reformer ousted God from the centre and placed mind in its place and preached mind is God?

  18. Who wrote the official language Oath of Kerala State in Malayalam?

  19. Prisoner 5990 is the autobiographical work of which politician?

  20. Which inscription of 849 AD provides the information on Venadu and its capital Kollam?

  21. Which is the first small finance bank in Kerala launched in 2017?

  22. The Mullaperiyar lease agreement signed on:

  23. Brahmotharakandam, Hanuman Pamalai, Ente Kasiyathra are the literary works of which reformer?

  24. Who authored the Sanskrit book 'Ascharya Choodamani'?

  25. Who launched the magazine Adhakrithan which later changed its title to Harijan?

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