Kerala PSC Junior Clerk/Secretary Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 21

1. ___ is the rate of which commercial banks charge on their surplus funds with RBI - Riverse Repo Rate
2. Bharatiya Mahila Bank was merged with SBI in the year - 2017
3. National Centre for Co-operative Education was formerly known as - All India Co-operative Instructors Training Centre
4. A person who lend money or material to business firm is called - Creditors
5. The Headquarters of ICA was shifted to Brussels in the year : 2013
6. The rate of interest at which a commercial bank lend funds to its prime or blue chip or first class borrower is called: Prime lending rate
7. In which country no public registration of co-operative societies is compulsory - Denmark
8. Co-operation in India and Abroad is a book written by - KP Bhatnagar
9. When an application for membership in a society is received a decision shall be taken within - 2 months
10. The bank started in 1969 for intensive development of a district - Lead Bank
11. ___ is a condition in which there is an immediate decline in the availability of a loan or the credit - Credit crunch
12. ___ is the interest rate at which funds are borrowed by banks in marketable size, from other banks in the London inter-bank Market - LIBOR (London Inter-bank Offered Rate)
13. Minimum qualifying service required for an employee in a co-operative society to receive the family pension - 5 years
14. Recovery of sums due from the society to Government is explained in - Rule 94
15. RFC Account means - Residents Foreign Current A/c
16. LURBRAND is the trade name of a renowned co-operative product in - Denmark
17. Committee appointed by the Central Govt. for co-operative farming - Nijalingappa Committee
18. What is known as the Magnacarta of a company - Memorandum of Association
19. A partner who gives only his name to the business is known as - Nominal partner
20. The amount given by Government in which there is no repayment expected is called - Grant
21. Due by Account is ___ of the society - Liability
22. The process of converting share certificates in physical form into electronic form is known as - Dematerialisation
23. IMF was established in the year - 1945
24. ___ refers to the process of fund to sponsor or facilitate Terrorist activity - Terrorist financing
25. CRAR stands for - Capital to Risk weighted Asset Ratio
26. Cash deposit of a customer is a ___ deposit - Primary
27. What ensures safety of payment of a cheque - Crossing
28. Banks pay maximum rate of interest on ___ account - Fixed Deposit
29. Conduct attachment and sale is the duty of - Sale Officer
30. Special Drawing Right is the scheme introduced by ___ to solve the problem of international liquidity - IMF
31. A bill of Exchange payable other than on demand or at sight or on presentment is - Sight Bill or Demand Bill
32. If any institution used the word co-operative without the prior approval of Government, the fine is upto - 2000/-
33. ___ A/c never appears in rectification entry - Cash
34. In case of aftersight bill the period of bill begins from the date of - Acceptance
35. ___ Clause protects a banker in the case of joint account - Either or survivor
36. Lien is the right of a creditor to retain the ___ of the property of his debtor - Possession
37. Chocobyte is a product of - Milma
38. Accounting standard ___ deals with cashflow statement - AS3
39. Rule ___ deals with constitution of CCU - Rule 126
40. The drawee who signs by assent upon the bill is - Acceptor
41. 'Vinimaya' is the publication of - Institute of Bank Management
42. ___ is the rate at which banks can borrow overnight from RBI, - MSFR
43. ___ is an Indian domestic card conceived and launched by NPCI in 2012 March 26 - Rupay Card
44. Reverse Repo interest is calculated on ___ Basis - Daily
45. The first Non Agricultural Credit Society was established at - Baroda
46. ___ is a fund constituted by the Govt. by collecting levy of additional excise duty on Mill made cloths - Cess Fund
47. The keystone of cooperative movement in Kerala - SCB
48. Mehta Committee report states that the cadre of Registrar should not be below - IAS Officer
49. A cooperative society can give donations from - Common Good Fund
50. Banking Ombudsman came into existence as per the recommendation of - Goi Poria Committee

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