1. What are the major green house gasses?

2. Which air pollutant is highly corrosive and damages buildings. marbles and textiles?

3. Which nitrogen pollutant produces irritation in eyes and can affect liver & kidneys?

4. Which gaseous air pollutant causes the block of delivery of oxygen to the organs & tissues?

5. What is the name of the association between two organisms in which tye benefit without affecting the other species?

6. The intimate relation between fungus and algae is ___

7. What is the name of the association between fungi & higher plant roots?

8. Which is used as the bio-indicator for air pollutants, particularly sulphur dioxide?

9. Which gas, on coming in contact with blood forms carboxyl hemoglobin?

10. Which type of lens is prescribed for the correction of astigmatism of human eye?

11. A person cannot see objects clearly which are nearer than 75cm from his eyes. What disease is he suffering from?

12. When natural ruber is heated with sulphur, the properties are changed. What is the name of this process?

13. Which phenomenon is invloved in the process of dialysis, used on patients with damaged kidneys?

14. Which element is the ultimate result of the radio active disintegration of Uranium?

15. Epiphytes are the plants which depend on other plants for

16. Which natural phenomenon is indicated by the sudden fall in a barometer?

17. What is generally indicated by the rising in a barometer?

18. Which part of the brain has centres for maintenace of posture & equilibrium of the body?

19. Cloudy nights are warmer compared to clear cloudless nights because clouds

20. What will happen to the mass & weight of a man who circles around the Earth in a satellite?

21. Transport of food from leaves to other parts of plant is termed as

22. Which biological process is an example for liberating energy?

23. Some substances such as solid carbon dioxide, change from a solid to a gas when heated. What is the name of this phenomenon?

24. Which plant is a highly efficient converter of solar energy?

25. What are known as the wonder child of electronics?