Kerala PSC | Questions on Constitution and Polity - 07

1. The Cabinet Mission came into India to discuss transfer of power to India on:

2. Who was the first woman Secretary General of Rajya Sabha?

3. What is the fees to be paid along with the application for getting information under RTI Act?

4. Who is the first foreign minister of Free India?

5. Which article of the Indian Constitution contains Right to Freedom of Speech?

6. Present Supreme Court Chief Justice of India:

7. The National Food Security Bill passed by Lok Sabha on 20th August 2013 as:

8. Which of the state has the smallest Legislative Council?

9. Which amendment of Indian Consititution provided for annexation of the state of Sikkim?

10. The Government of India enacted the Environment Protection Act of ___ under Article 253 of the Constitution.

11. The right guaranteed under Article 32 can be suspended:

12. The doctrine of double jeopardy in Article 20(2) means:

14. Article 14 guarantees equality before law and equal protection of law to:

15. The term of President expires:

16. The power of the President to issue an ordinance is:

17. Treaty making power is conferred upon:

18. Article 361 of the Constitution of India guarantees the privilege to the President of India that, he shall:

19. Representation of House of People is based on:

20. An ordinary Bill becomes a law:

21. Article 155-156 of the Indian Constitution deal with:

22. Minimum age of a person to become a member of a Legislative Council:

23. Which trial court can award capital punishment?

24. The provision for amending the constitution is given in:

25. Right to Health is mentioned in __ of UN Declaration of Human Rights.

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