Kerala PSC IT and Cyber Law Question and Answers - 40

1. Which one of the following is a sequential access device?
[a] Magnetic Tape
[b] Floppy Disc
[c] Hard Disk
[d] Compact Disk

[Cochin University Assistant Grade II-2005]

2. Which of the following feature of word processor has a document and a data source?
[a] Spelling check
[b] Grammar check
[c] Mail merge
[d] Tables

[Junior Assistant-2009]

3. Standard using high level language in Internet:
[a] Unix
[b] Pascal
[c] Java
[d] Basic

[LD Typist - 2009]

4. The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations:
[a] Broadcast
[b] Bandwidth
[c] Aloha
[d] Analog transmission

[Assistant Grade - 2010]

5. Hard disk and Floppy disk are:
[a] Direct access devices
[b] Sequential access devices
[c] Slower than magnetic tape
[d] None of these

[Assistant Grade - 2010]

6. To insert ghosted text behind the content on the page.
[a] Watermark
[b] Bookmark
[c] Page break
[d] Themes

[Confidential Assistant Grade II - 2012]

7. The process of transferring files from a computer on the internet to our computer is called:
[a] Uploading
[b] Transferring
[c] Downloading
[d] Refreshing

[LD Typist 2012]

8. What is the Acronym of DPI?
[a] Dots parameter
[b] Dots per inch
[c] Dot per inch
[d] None of these

[Junior Instructor-Computer Aided Embroidery and Designing - 2018]

9. Moving from one webpage to another webpage is known as:
[a] Attaching
[b] Changing
[c] Downloading
[d] Browsing

[Secretariat Assistant-2018]

10. The equipment which is used to connect in between computer and telephone is:
[a] NIC
[b] Router
[c] Modem
[d] Bridge

[Junior Instructor 2018]

11. Ctrl + Enter key is the shortcut key to insert:
[a] Table
[b] Picture
[c] Clip Art
[d] Page Break

[Junior Instructor 2018]

12. Which of the following keys to be pressed for getting double underline to a selected text in MS-word?
[a] Ctrl + Shift + U
[b] Ctrl + Shift + D
[c] Ctrl + Shift + L
[d] Ctrl + Shift + N

[Confidential Assistant 2018]

13. Which of the following is accounting software?
[a] MS Word
[b] MS Access
[c] Tally
[d] Power Point

[Assistant Stenographer 2018]

14. Object modules generated by assembler that contains unresolved external references are resolved by:
[a] Operating System
[b] Loader
[c] Linker
[d] Compiler

[Lecturer in Computer Science 2018]

15. Special software that is used to create a job queue is called:
[a] Loader
[b] Spooler
[c] Linker
[d] Linkage editor

[Lecturer in Computer Science 2018]

16. Java virtual machine is:
[a] Compiler
[b] Assembler
[c] Interpreter
[d] None of the above


17. Time for the disk, rotate to the start of the desired sector is known as:
[a] Seek Time
[b] Transfer Time
[c] Latency Time
[d] Access Time


18. Telnet is a:
[a] Remote login
[b] Television network
[c] Network of Telephone
[d] None of the above


19. Computers are linked world wide for communication system is called:
[a] E-Mail
[b] UNIX
[c] DOS
[d] Internet


20. DBMS is a collection of ___ that enables users to create and maintain a database.
[a] Keys
[b] Translators
[c] Program
[d] Language Activity

[Lecturer in Computer Applications 2017]

21.  VGA is:
[a] Video Graphics Array
[b] Visual Graphics Array
[c] Volatile Graphics Array
[d] Video Graphics Adapter

[Lecturer in Computer Applications 2017]

22. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) has similarities to both of the following protocols:
[c] FTP, MTV
[d] FTP, URL

[Lecturer in Computer Applications 2017]

23. Which of the following was the first commercial web browser?
[a] Masaic
[b] Netscape Navigator
[c] Mozilla
[d] Internet Explorer

[Junior Instructor 2019]

24. MIME stands for:
[a] Multipurpose Internet Mail Extra
[b] Multipurpose Internet Mail End
[c] Multipurpose Internet Mail Email
[d] Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

[Junior Instructor 2019]

25. A Web address is also called a:
[a] URL
[b] ULR
[c] RLU
[d] LUR

[Junior Instructor 2019]

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