Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 63

1. A piece of wood is floating in water. If we beat the water the piece of wood will
[a] Increase in size
[b] Rise a little
[c] Float at the same level
[d] Sink a little

[Excise Inspector-2002]

2. The smallest form of animal life:
[a] Bacteria
[b] Sperm
[c] Amoeba
[d] Cell

[Sales Tax Officer - 2004]

3. Excess Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to pollution:
[a] Decreases Earth's Temperature
[b] Increases earth's temperature
[c] Increases ultra-violet radiation
[d] Reduce rainfall

[Senior Assistant-2005]

4. What was the nationality of Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy?
[a] French
[b] Swedish
[c] German
[d] Dutch

[Tribal Extension Officer-2005]

5. Who discovered internal Combustion Engine?
[a] Otio
[b] James Watt
[c] Daimler
[d] Diesel

[Senior Superintendent, 2005]

6. Anemophily is a type of pollination
[a] Insect
[b] Animal
[c] Wind
[d] Bird

[Senior Superintendent, 2005]

7. India's first indigenous Rota Virus Vaccine:
[a] Rotavac
[b] BCG
[c] DTP
[d] Polio Virus

[Forester/Civil Excise Officer - 2019]

8. The content of 'Blue Gas' is:
[a] Carbon Monoxide
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Both a and b
[d] None of these

[Confidential Assistant II - 2018]

9. Photon is the smallest molecule of:
[a] Sound
[b] Atom
[c] Water
[d] Light

[Sales Tax Officer - 2004]

10. The person can swim comfortably in water. This is due to:
[a] Pascal's Law
[b] Archimedes Principle
[c] Newton's III Law
[d] None of the above

[Excise Inspector 2002]

11. Cattle-bone Powder is used as fertilizer since it is rich in:
[a] Nitrogen
[b] Chloride
[c] Sodium
[d] Phosphorous

[Excise Inspector 2002]

12. ___ is often called "White Coal"
[a] Uranium
[b] Silver
[c] Ice
[d] Hydro-electricity

[Senior Assistant 2005]

13. SONAR is based on the principle of:
[a] Echo
[b] Resonance
[c] Reverberation
[d] Sound

[Rationing Inspector 2007 ]

14. The study of an organism's growth from egg to adult stage is called:
[a] Morphology
[b] Evolution
[c] Embryology
[d] Cosmology

[Treatment organiser - 2008]

15. Tibia is a bone found in the:
[a] Skull
[b] Arm
[c] leg
[d] Face

[Asst. Labour Officer - 2005]

16. Identify that gas which is not found naturally in the atmosphere.
[a] Carbon dioxide
[b] Hydrogen
[c] Oxygen
[d] Carbon monoxide

[Asst. Project Officer 2005]

17. Artocarpus integrifolia is the scientific name of:
[a] Mango
[b] Lemon
[c] Jack Fruit
[d] Apple

[ICDS Supervisor-2005]

18. Insects belong to:
[a] Annelida
[b] Arthropods
[c] Crustaceans
[d] Coelenterata

[Asst. Labour Officer - 2005]

19. The best material for solar cell among the following is:
[a] Ge
[b] Cdse
[c] GaAF
[d] Cds

[Armed Police SI (SR)-2017]

20. Orbital Motion of electrons accounts for the phenomenon of:
[a] Paramagnetism
[b] Ferromagnetism
[c] Diamagnetism
[d] All of the above

[Station Officer (Fire and Rescue-2017)]

21. Which is the most malleable of all metals?
[a] Coper
[b] Silver
[c] Gold
[d] Aluminium

[Junior Asst. Cashier-2015]

22. Pheromones are:
[a] Endohormones
[b] Ectohormones
[c] Growth regulators
[d] None of these

[Administrative Officer KSRTC - 2015]

23. A compound of the integumentary system in humans
[a] Nerves
[b] Skin
[c] Trachea
[d] Kidney

[Asst.Grade II Kerala Veterinary University-2014]

24. Nucleus is discovered by:
[a] Robert Brown
[b] Gogli
[c] Bowman
[d] Fountain

[Sec. Assistant - 2018]

25. Solar cells are usually made from:
[a] Sulphur
[b] Silicon
[c] Sodium
[d] Strontium

[SBCID 2013]

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