Kerala PSC GK | Facts About India - 02

1. Who inaugurated the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College in 1951? - Jawaharlal Nehru
2. On the background of which country, 'Avakasikal' the massive novel in Malayalam is written? - Malaysia
3. Who led the first heart-transplant surgery in Kerala? - Dr. Jose Chacko Periappuram
4. What was the other name of the second Chera Empire? - Kulasekhara Empire
5. Which Kulasekhara king was the contemporay of Shankaracharya? - Kulasekhara Alvar
6. Who was the Thalassery sub-collector during the rebellion of Pazhassir Raja? - Thomas Harvey Baber
7. Who was known as 'Grand Old man of Travancore,' 'Political Guru of Kerala', and 'father of political agitations in Travancore'? - Barrister GP Pillai
8. Who made the attempt to assassinate Travancore Dewan CP Rawaswamy Iyyer? - KCS Mani
9. Who developed the Kerala Natanam, a dance form base on Kathakali? - Guru Gopinath
10. From which temple, Chavers (suicide squad) of the Valluvakkonathiri started to Thirunavaya for Mamankam? - Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavati Temple
11. Sainik School was the idea of which Malayali Union Minister? - VK Krishnan Menon
12. For how many days the Vaikom Satyagraha 1924-25 lasted? - 603
13. Who is the legal advisor of the State government? - Advocate General
14. Who wrote the drama 'Chakkichangaram'? - Munshi Ramakurup
15. Who won the Prem Nazir Award in 2017? - Sharada
16. Which national park in Kerala first appeared on the postal stamp? - Periyar National Park
17. Which alphabet was known as 'Naanam Monam'? - Vatezhuthu
18. 'Mandam Muthappa' is a character of which novel? - Mucheettu Kalikkarante Makal (Basheer)
19. Name the second Malayali who won the Jnanpith Award? - SK Pottekkatt
20. Name the poetess who wrote in the pen name 'Vanampadi'? - Mary John Koothattukulam
21. Where is the birthplace of Thunchathu Rmanujan Ezhuthachan, the father of Malayalam language? - Tirur
22. Which European force introduced Cashew nut and tobacco in Kerala? - Portuguese
23. Krishnapuram Kottaram is situated in which district? - Alappuzha
24. Who is the first woman Kerala governor? - Jyothi Venkatachalam
25. Bhoothathankettu Dam is situated in which district? - Ernakulam
26. Name the first Kathakali artist who won Padmasree? - Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair
27. Krishnagiri Cricket stadium is situated in which district? - Wayanad
28. Name the river which is also known as 'Peraar'? - Bharathappuzha
29. Name the only queen in Kochi dynasty? - Rani Gangadhara Lakshmi
30. Where is the birthplace of the famous painter Raja Ravi Varma? - Kilimanoor
31. What was the emblem of Chera Kings? - Bow and arrow
32. anakkayam, where Cashew research station is situated, belongs to which district? - Malappuram
33. In which year construction of the Thottapally Spillway was completed? - 1955
34. 'Vellayiappen' is a character of which story? - Kadaltheerathu (OV Vijayan)
35. What is the height of Anamudi, which is the largest peak in Kerala? - 2695 metres
36. What is the ranking of Kerala based on population? - 13
37. Peppara Dam is situated in which river? - Karamanayar
38. Which Prime Minister inaugurated the Idukki hydro-electrical project? - Indira Gandhi
39. Which is the biggest railway station in Kerala? - Shoranur
40. Name the only Malayali who became Kerala governor? - V Viswanathan
41. Who hailed Kochi as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea'? - RK Shanmugham Chetty
42. Where is the headquarters of Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE)? - Thrissur
43. What is the present name of 'Ganapathivattom'? - Sultan Bathery
44. 'Harmony@work' is the slogan of which technopark? - Kazhakkoottom (Thiruvananthapuram)
45. Who is known as the 'Golden Girl' of Indian Sports - PT Usha
46. In which year the Mullaperiyar Dam was commissioned? - 1895
47. Which is the third longest river in Kerala? - Pamba
48. For his which noval Malayattoor Ramaksirhnan was awarded the third Vayalar Award? - Yanthram
49. What is the literary form of Kathakali? - Aattakatha
50. India's first public library? - Thiruvananthapuram Public Library (1829)

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