Kerala PSC | Questions on Constitution and Polity - 02

Questions on Constitution and Polity - 02

1. Who was the first acting Prime Minister of India?

2. Who was the Prime Minister of India when Anti-Defectionlaw was implemented in 1985?

3. Which committee of the Parliament is headed by the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha?

4. What is the retirement age of the Supreme Court Judge?

5. Who was the first Chief Justice of India?

6. When was the first session of the Lok Sabha held?

7. Who was the first Speaker of Lok Sabha?

8. Who is the longest serving speaker of Lok Sabha?

9. Which is the oldest High Court in India?

10. Which High Court has the largest jurisdictionin terms of States?

11. When was the first General Election started in India?

12. Who defeated Indira Gandhi in the Lok Sabha election 1977?

13. Which State has the largest number of seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes in Lok Sabha?

14. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India?

15. Who is the Chairman of the Kendriya Hindi Samiti?

16. Who got Bharat Ratna Award before becoming the President of India?

17. What is the maximum gap between two session of Parliament?

18. What is the total number of Fundamental Duties envisaged in the Constitution?

19. Which Indian President was elected unopposed?

20. Which State first adopted Panchayat Raj in India in 1959?

21. Where is the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration situated?

22. What is the total number of Standing Committees in the Indian Parliament?

23. What is the minimum duration to stay in India before applying for Indian Citizenship?

24. Who was the Prime Minister of India when the Right to Property removed from the list of Fundamental Rights?

25. Which Amendment carried out the reorganization of States on linguistic lines?

26. Which state was formed as a result of the 13th Constitutional Amendment Act?

27. The Amending power of the Constitution is described in which Article?

28. Who has the power to review the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court?

29. A non-member of Parliament can be a minister for a maximum period of:

30. Which Article of the Constitution explains the functions & powers of the Chief Minister?

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