1. The element which is least metallic in nature?

2. Damage to language part of brain caused:

3. Spinning frame was invented by:

4. Which hormone deficiency causes cretinism in children?

5. Who classified elements according to atomic mass?

6. Which element is required as a component of blood hemoglobin?

7. The fall of a sparrow was written by:

8. The process by which soaps are made:

9. Rabies vaccine was discovered by:

10. Sodium Carbonate is known as:

11. Sodium bicarbonate is known as:

12. Colours that appears on the upper layer of oil spread on road is due to:

13. The Nitrogen base present only in DNA:

14. Vitamin which contains the element cobalt:

15. Which is the basic building block of proteins?

16. Metal present in large quantity in panchaloha?

17. Mirrors used by dentists to get the magnified view of teeth:

18. Thermostat is an instrument used for regulating:

19. Theory of spontaneous generation was discovered firstly by:

20. Father of genetic engineering?

21. Element having the name of 'moon'

22. Water gas is a mixture of:

23. Part of brain which controls voluntary actions:

24. Plasma protein which helps in clotting of blood:

25. Largest internal organ in the body:

26. The major component in compressed natural gas:

27. Most abundant isotope of hydrogen:

28. Metallurgical method for separating metals having low melting point from an ore or alloy:

29. Who coined the word 'Gene'?

30. Who was the first scientist to state that the Earth revolves round the Sun?

31. What is added to petrol in cold countries to avoid freezing?

32. The amount of matter is measured in:

33. One mole of a substance contains 6.023 x 10^23 atoms or molecules. This number is called:

34. Which instrument is used in the submarines to view the surface of the water?

35. The nuclear radiation first affects which organ?

36. Which radiation emitted by radio active elements consists of electromagnetic rays?

37. When an alpha particle is emitted by a nucleus, what happens to its atomic number?

38. What happens to the atomic number when a nucleus emits beta particle?

39. What is the 'Future Fuel of Nuclear energy'?

40. Which instrument is used in measuring the speed of Aeroplane?