1. The device through which data and instructions entered in to a computer system:

2. How many bits is a byte?

3. Printed output form of a computer is called:

4. In a computer system the offline operation of the device is without the control of:

5. The language used by a computer system to process data is:

6. Which key turns the capital letters on and off?

7. How many arrow keys are in a keyboard?

8. The default layout of a word document is:

9. Windows is an:

10. An example of Open Source application software:

11. Where should we can change the system date and time:

12. Examples of multitasking operating system?

13. The place which the computer system temporally keeps the deleted files:

14. Thesaurus tools in MS word used for:

15. The surpose of superscript:

16. Change character size and type face are kept in:

17. In word the bar located above the Menu bar is:

18. The graphics parts in word processing software called:

19. The shortcut key Ctrl + W used for:

20. The maximum number of lines we can set for drop caps is:

21. Portrait and Landscape are the:

22. The shortcut key used Ctrl+T stands for:

23. When we drag selected text we can:

24. The cross reference command is available in:

25. The tools used to copy formatting from one place and apply it to another is called: