1. Light sensitive pigment of rod cells:

2. The coolant used in high temperature breeder reactor is:

3. Natural radio activity was discovered by:

4. Iron is manufactured from the ore:

5. The law which relates the solubility of a gas with pressure is:

6. Which disease is caused by micro bacterium leprae?

7. The liquid used to preserve specimens of plants and animals is:

8. The part of the cerebrum associated with ability to recognize and understand languages:

9. Lens used in microscope and telescope:

10. Encephalitis is an infectious brain disease caused by:

11. If milk is exposed to sunlight for a long time, vitamin lost is:

12. Pollination through bird is known as:

13. Element having the name of 'Goddess of the Earth':

14. Law of Inertia was discovered by:

15. Process involved in capillary action are:

16. What is the unit of thrust?

17. Name the instrument used to measure the boiling point of liquids:

18. The element which forms largest number of compounds:

19. In an adult the average weight of the brain is:

20. Crescography is used to measure the:

21. Time taken for skin to regenerate

22. Blood circulation was discovered by:

23. Haemoglobin is present in:

24. The membranous envelope around the heart is called:

25. Number of heart chambers in Amphibians:

26. A plant adapted to live in dry places is called a:

27. Hardness of diamond, is measured in which scale?

28. The tendency of plants to grow towards the direction of gravitational force:

29. Each level of food chain is known as:

30. Concept of tissue culture was conceived by:

31. Part of ear which has the shape of small snail shell:

32. Fundamental constituent of natural rubber:

33. The acid used as an oxidizer in rocket propellants:

34. The most soluble gas in water:

35. The type of mirrors used in the head lamp of cars is:

36. A plant hormone existing in gas state is:

37. The father of modern medicine:

38. The foundation for the germ theory of disease was set down by:

39. A deviation of light passing from one medium to another medium is called:

40. The most abundant element in the moon:

41. Penicillin was discovered by:

42. Which is known as Philosopher's wool?

43. Grave's disease is associated with over production of:

44. 'German Silver' is an alloy of:

45. Density of water is highest at:

46. The most nitrogenized fertilizer:

47. Element that does not have neutrons in an atom:

48. The escape velocity of earth is:

49. Mercury thermometer was invented by:

50. A naturally occuring compound of beryllium?