Kerala PSC | Questions on Constitution and Polity - 01

Questions on Constitution and Polity - 01

1. Indian Constitution copied from idea of the appointment Governors of State by the Centre from which country?

2. The Objective Resolution was adopted by the Constitution Assembly on:

3. From which country the Indian Constitution copied the idea of the Joint Sitting of the two Houses of Parliament?

4. Which part of the Constitution of India represent the quintessence, the philosophy and the ideals of soul of the Constitution?

5. Which term implies an elected head of state?

6. Which term implies an elected head of state?

7. Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of the suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency from which country?

8. In which year was the National Policy for the empowerment of women was issued?

9. Who addresses the first parliament meeting after General Election?

10. Which Article of the Constitution provides for the appointment of a Special Officer for Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes by the President?

11. Who presides over the Joint Sitting of the Parliament?

12. What is the total number of Nominated members in Parliament?

13. What is the minimum age required to contest in the Lok Sabha elections?

14. Which is the date mentioned in the Preamble of the Constitution?

15. How many times the Preamble of Indian Constitution has been Amended?

16. Who has the authority to remove a member of a State Public Service Commission?

17. Who is the Officer with a right to speak in both Houses of the Parliament?

18. What is the minimum number of Judges required for hearing a Presidential Reference under Article 143?

19. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution?

20. National Voters Day:

21. The concept of single citizenship has been adopted from which country?

22. The President of India can be impeached for violation of the Constitution as per which Article?

23. Who was called as 'Father of Indian Union Budget'?

24. In which field the Cooperative Movement in India was introduced for the first time?

25. Who was the first woman Union Cabinet Minister in India?

26. In which year was the Simla Agreement signed between India and Pakistan?

27. Who was the first Opposition leader of the Lok Sabha with Cabinet rank?

28. Who was the first non-Congress Prime Minister to come to power twice?

29. What is the maximum number of candidates that can be accommodated when election conducted using Electronic Voting Machine?

30. In which year was the election for the first Indian President held?

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