Kerala PSC Model Questions for University Assistant Exam 2019 - 90

[116/2018 Higher Secondary Teacher (Junior)-History]
1. What is the minimum stay essential before a person can apply for Indian Citizenship?
[a] 2 years
[b] 5 years
[c] 7 years
[d] 10 years

2. The founder of Bhashaposhini Sabha was
[a] Kumaranasan
[b] Kandathil Varghese Mappila
[c] Ulloor
[d] Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar

3. Tagore visited Sree Narayana Guru in the year
[a] 1921
[b] 1932
[c] 1924
[d] 1922

4. Rohingyas are the refugees from which country?
[a] Bangladesh
[b] Myanmar
[c] Indonesia
[d] China

5. Sardar Sarovar Dam is built across the river
[a] Krishna
[b] Godavari
[c] Narmada
[d] Kaveri

[112/2018 Junior Instructor- Operator Advanced machine Tools]
6. Which one is class ‘C’ fire?
[a] kerosene fire
[b] wood fire
[c] gas fire
[d] electric fire

7. The highest peak in the Eastern Ghats :
[a] Anamudi
[b] Mahendragiri
[c] Doda Betta
[d] Dhaulagiri

8. Which is the largest coastal salt water lake in India?
[a] Gobind Sagar
[b] Loletak
[c] Chilka
[d] Wular Lake

9. The largest inhabited riverine island in the world is :
[a] Majuli
[b] Umananda
[c] Kampala
[d] Marajo

10. The only large river in the Indian Desert region :
[a] Ravi
[b] Beas
[c] Jhelum
[d] Luni

11. Ribosomes are the centre for :
[a] Respiration
[b] Photosynthesis
[c] Protein synthesis
[d] Fat synthesis

12. Which one of the following has its own DNA?
[a] Peroxisome
[b] Dictyosome
[c] Lysosome
[d] Mitochondria

13. The first human heart transplant was performed by :
[a] Watson
[b] Christian Barnard
[c] William Harvey
[d] Einthoven

14. The first Chairperson of Kerala Vanitha Commission :
[a] K.C. Rosakutty
[b] Sugathakumari
[c] M. Kamalam
[d] Justice K.K. Usha

15. The book was written by Vaikunda Swamikal :
[a] Jathi Kummi
[b] Balakalasham
[c] Udyana Virunnu
[d] Arul Nool

[69/2017 L D CLERK]
16. Ten thousand rupees __________ a large sum.
(supply appropriate verb)
[a] are
[b] is
[c] was
[d] has

17. None of them attended the function, __________
(use proper question tag)
[a] did they ?
[b] didn’t they ?
[c] don’t they ?
[d] do they ?

18. A __________ of cattle is passing through the forest.
[a] team
[b] herd
[c] group
[d] fleet

19. The workers built a bridge.
(change into passive voice)
[a] A bridge is built by the workers.
[b] A bridge has been built by the workers.
[c] A bridge was built by the workers.
[d] A bridge is building by the workers.

20. She speaks French very good.
(Correct the sentence)
[a] She speak French very good.
[b] She speaks French very well.
[c] She will speak French very well.
[d] She spoke French very good.

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