Model Questions High Court Assistant Exam

1. What is meant by social justice?
Answer - All kinds of discrimination based on caste, creed, colour and sex should be eliminated

2. Which one of the following is issued by the court in case of illegal detention of a person?
Answer - Habeas Corpus

3. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, the decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal can be challenged in the Supreme Court?
Answer - 323 A

4. Division of powers and Independent Judiciary are the two important features of
Answer - Democratic form of Government

5. Which one of the following statements about the Chief Justice of India (CJI) is not correct?
Answer - He appoints the Chief Justice of all High Court

6. The Indian Judiciary is headed by:
Answer - The Supreme Court

7. Who had played a key role in the formation of Lokpal bill in India?
Answer - Anna Hajare

8. Which of the following article of IPC is related to unnatural sex?
Answer - 377

9. Who appoints the judges of the Indian Supreme Court?
Answer - President

10. Which of the following High Courts had legalized gay sex in India during 2009?
Answer - Delhi

11. Consumer Protection Act 1986, was amended in:
Answer - 1991

12. Section of IPC, which deals with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community is:
Answer - 377

13. The concept of “Rule of Law” is a special feature of the constitutional system of
Answer - Britain

14. How liberty can be limited?
Answer - By Law

15. Most important safeguard of liberty is
Answer - Bold and impartial judiciary

16. What is the ancient school of law?
Answer - The Philosophical School

17. Which among the following is not a preventive detention act?
Answer - Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA)

18. Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in India in
Answer - 1972

19. Which of the following is not dealt under Section 3 (3) of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986?
Answer - Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Right Authority

20. On which date did the Rajya Sabha pass “The Marriage Laws” (Amendment) Bill 2012?
Answer - 26th August 2013