Model Questions High Court Assistant

1. The power to decide an Election Petition for the State is vested in the
Answer - High Court

2. In which year was the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) enacted?
Answer - 2002

3. Who held the power to increase the number of judges in the Supreme Court?
Answer - Parliament

4. Which one of the following is NOT the main jurisdiction of the High Court of a State?
Answer - Advisory Jurisdiction

5. Which one of the following states does not have in High Court?
Answer - Manipur

6. The chief justice of a High Court is appointed by
Answer - President on the advice of Governor of the state concerned and the chief Justice of India

7. Who is the final authority to interpret the constitution?
Answer - The Supreme Court

8. The federal court of India was established in
Answer - 1935

9. Which of the following state/Union territories have a common High Court?
Answer - Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh

10. Which of the following High Courts is the second oldest in India?
Answer - Bombay High Court

11. The Chief Justice (or a judge) of the High Court can be removed by the
Answer - Same procedure as for the Judges of the Supreme Court

12. District Judges in a state are appointed by the
Answer - Governor

13. The system of Public Interest Litigation has been introduced in India?
Answer - by judicial initiative

14. Who among the following appoints the acting Chief Justice of India?
Answer - President

15. The oath to a High Court Judge is administered by the
Answer - Governor

16. The Mumbai High Court does not have a bench at which one of the following places?
Answer - Pune

17. Which one of the following High Courts has the territorial over Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Answer - Kolkata

18. The salaries and allowances of the Judges of the High Court are charged to the
Answer - Consolidated Fund of the State

19. The total number of High Courts in India at present is
Answer - 21

20. Who among the following had the longest tenure as the Chief Justice of India?
Answer - Y V Chandrachud

21. The first Lok Adalat was held in which year?
Answer - 1986

22. The jurisdiction of state high court can be extended by
Answer - Parliament

23. Judicial Review in the Indian Constitution is based on which of the following?
Answer - Procedure established by law

24. Salaries of the judges of the Supreme Court are determined by
Answer - Parliament

25. Public Interest Litigation (PIL) may be linked with
Answer - Judicial activism

26. How many High Courts in India have jurisdiction over more than one state (Union territories not included)?
Answer - 2

27. The Due Process of Law is the characteristics of the judicial system of
Answer - U.S.A.

28. In the Supreme Court of India, the number of Judges including the Chief Justice is now
Answer - 31

29. The system of Judicial Review is found
Answer - In both India and USA

30. The family court decides disputes relating to
Answer - Marriage affairs