Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 39

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 39

1. The disease due to mineral deficiency?
[a] Rickets
[b] Goitre
[c] Marasmus
[d] Night Blindness

2. The percentage of gold in 22 carat?
[a] 74.3
[b] 97.2
[c] 91.6
[d] 100

3. Who is the inventor of Fountain pen?
[a] Waterman
[b] S.Koder
[c] Thomas Edison
[d] Richard Hoe

4. The agency that works on Agricultural and Food Production?
[a] FAO
[b] ICAO
[c] IMF

5. Bunchy top of Banana is caused by?
[a] Insects
[b] Bacteria
[c] Fungus
[d] Virus

6. Turpentine is obtained from which source?
[a] Eucalyptus
[b] Petroleum
[c] Lemon grass
[d] Pine

7. Which psychological disorder produces a severe desire to steal?
[a] Haemophilia
[b] Isonophilia
[c] Turner`s syndrome
[d] Kleptomania

8. Heat required to raise the temperature of 1kg of water to 1ÂșC is?
[a] Specific heat capacity
[b] Heat capacity
[c] Temperature
[d] None of these

9. Animals depending upon other animals for food are called?
[a] phototropos
[b] centitrops
[c] parasites
[d] dementia

10. Best conductor of heat and electricity is?
[a] Copper
[b] Iron
[c] Silver
[d] Aluminium

11. The celebration of 70 years of India - Russia Agricultural relations was held in the state?
[a] Rajasthan
[b] Uttar Pradesh
[c] Madhya Pradesh
[d] Assam

12. Bolla Bulli Ramaiah, the former union minister has passed away. He was associated with which political party?
[a] INC
[b] Telugu Desam Party
[c] Telengana Rashtra Samithi
[d] Bahujan Samaj Party

13. Which country to host the 8th edition of Theatre Olympics 2018?
[a] Russia
[b] Brazil
[c] India
[d] China

14. Who has been elected as the new president of Sahitya Academy?
[a] Chandrashekhara Kambar
[b] Madhav Koushik
[c] Prathiba Ray
[d] Bhalachandra Nemade

15. Which of the following is India`s first online radio station?
[a] Radio Sansar
[b] Radio Umang
[c] Radio Aadhaar
[d] Radio Teacap

16. Who has bagged the 2017 Sahitya Academy Award for Kannada Language?
[a] Jagdish Lachhani
[b] Baig Ehsas
[c] Bhujanga Tudu
[d] T.P Ashok

17. Which union minister has inaugurated international conference on operations and maintenance "Indian power stations 2018?
[a] R.K Singh
[b] Vijay Sampla
[c] Ajay Tamta
[d] Arjun Ram Meghwal

18. The Bansagar dam is built across the river?
[a] Tapti river
[b] Narmada river
[c] Chambal river
[d] Son river

19. IC Chips used in computers are usually made of ?
[a] Lead
[b] Silicon
[c] Chromium
[d] Gold

20. One Kilobyte is equal to?
[a] 1000 bytes
[b] 1024 bytes
[c] 100 bytes
[d] 1023 byte

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