Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 38

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 38

1. Which of the following is not an example of Operating System?
[a] Windows 98
[b] BSD unix
[c] MS Office XP
[d] Red Hat Linux

2. Which super computer is developed by the Indian Scientists?
[a] Param
[b] Super 301
[c] Compaq Presario

3. Check the odd term out
[a] Internet
[b] Linux
[c] Unix
[d] Windows

4. What is the function of the control unit in a CPU?
[a] To transfer data to primary storage
[b] To store program instructions
[c] To Perform logic functions
[d] To decode program instructions

5. What do you use to create a chart in Excel?
[a] Pie wizard
[b] Excel wizard
[c] Data wizard
[d] Chart wizard

6. Which of the following commands is given to reboot the computer?
[a] Ctrl + Alt +Del
[b] Ctrl + Alt+ Tab
[c] Ctrl + Shift+Del
[d] Ctrl + Alt + shift

7. The fourth President of Indian National Congress in 1888
[a] W.C. Bannerji
[b] George Yule
[c] Dadabhai Naoroji
[d] William Wedderburn

8. The new Economic policy was introduced by whom?
[a] Stalin
[b] Kerensky lenin
[c] Khrushchev
[d] Vladimir Lenin

9. Demand in Economics means?
[a] Market demand
[b] Individual demand
[c] Demand backed by Purchasing Power
[d] Aggregate demand

10. Coal mines were nationalised in the year?
[a] 1973
[b] 1972
[c] 1976
[d] 1970

11. Who was the author of `India of My Dreams`?
[a] M.K. Gandhi
[b] Gopal Krishna Gokhale
[c] Jawaharlal Nehru
[d] J.B. Kripalani

12. Which one of the following is the origin of the Brahmaputra river?
[a] Gangotri
[b] Yamunotri
[c] Chemayungdung
[d] Milam

13. Which country is the largest producer oof milk in the world?
[a] USA
[b] China
[c] Denmark
[d] India

14. The Chilka Lake region is situated between the deltas?
[a] Krishna and Kaveri
[b] Godavari and Krishna
[c] Ganga and Mahanadi
[d] Mahanadi and Godavari

15. ``Touch the sky with glory` is the motto of which organisation?
[a] Air India
[b] Indian Air Force
[c] Pawan Hans
[d] Jet Airways

16. The khilafat Committee accepted Mahatma Gandhi`s suggestion for a non violent non co-operation protest against the British Government in its meeting?
[a] Bombay
[b] Nagpur
[c] Allahabad
[d] Kanpur

17. First war of Indian Independence regarding the revolt of 1857. Who said this for the first time?
[a] V.D. Savarkar
[b] Bipin Chandrapal
[c] Tara Chand
[d] Mahatma Gandhi

18. Which of the following protects our Fundamental Rights?
[a] Parliament
[b] President
[c] Government
[d] Judiciary

19. The illegal arrest or detention of a person is questioned by the writ of?
[a] Mandamus
[b] Habeas corpus
[c] certiorari
[d] Quo warranto

20. `Adhaar` was launched on?
[a] 29 September 2010
[b] 20 October 2010
[c] 28 January2009
[d] 28 September 2010

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