Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 37

Model Question Paper Company Corporation Board Assistant - 37

1. The High Court of which state recently barred non tax payees from filing public interest litigations?
[a] Jharkhand
[b] Uttaranchal
[c] Kerala
[d] Goa

2. The year of Child Labour Act?
[a] 1948
[b] 1952
[c] 1968
[d] 1986

3. The founder of the Kerala kalamandalam?
[a] Vallathol
[b] Ulloor
[c] Kumaranasan
[d] Edaseri

4. Kurichiya Revolt started was in which year?
[a] 1810
[b] 1812
[c] 1800
[d] 1855

5. The first Hydro electric project in private sector in Kerala?
[a] Idukki
[b] Pallivasal
[c] Kuthumkal
[d] Maniyar

6. Which is the northern most river in Kerala?
[a] Manjeswaram river
[b] Neyyar river
[c] Valapattanam river
[d] Chandragiri river

7. Which is the biggest Forest Reserve Division in Kerala?
[a] Ranni
[b] Konni
[c] Pathanamthitta
[d] Thenmala

8. The first computerized collectorate in Kerala?
[a] Ernakulam
[b] Palakkad
[c] Kozhikod
[d] Kollam

9. Central Tuber Crops Research Institute is situated at?
[a] Sreekaryam
[b] Pattom
[c] Vellanikara
[d] Balaramapuram

10. Which is the first film studio in Kerala?
[a] Meriland
[b] Chitralekha
[c] Udaya
[d] None of these

11. Which is the most popular art form of Pathanamthitta?
[a] Arjunanirtham
[b] Velakali
[c] Padayani
[d] Theyyam

12. Who is the founder of Kottayam town?
[a] T.Ramarao
[b] Ayyappan Pilla
[c] R. Madhavan
[d] S. Subramaniyan

13. Largest number of Biographies written about a Keralite was?
[a] V.T. Bhattathiripad
[b] E.M.S Nanboothiripad
[c] Sree Narayana Guru
[d] Kumaranasan

14. Name the autobiography of V.T. Bhattathiripad?
[a] Kinavum Kaneerum
[b] Kanneerum Kinavum
[c] Jeevitha Samaram
[d] Jeevitha Yathra

15. Where is Kerala Judicial Academy located?
[a] Thiruvananthapuram
[b] Ernakulam
[c] Malappuram
[d] Kottayam

16. Which is the first water museum in Kerala?
[a] Perinad
[b] Kunnamangalam
[c] Kayamkulam
[d] Karivallor

17. The Longest National Highway in Kerala?
[a] NH 66
[b] NH 544
[c] NH766
[d] NH 85

18. Pazhassi Memorial is situated in which district?
[a] Kannur
[b] Wayanad
[c] Kozhikod
[d] Kollam

19. Neendakara Bridge is known as?
[a] Sree Sethulakshmi Bridge
[b] Marthandavarma Bridge
[c] Sree Parvathibhai Bridge
[d] None of these

20. Head quarters of Malabar cements is at?
[a] Vayalar
[b] Walayar
[c] Kollam
[d] Alappuzha

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