Kerala PSC - Vocational Instructor in Dairying Milk Products (Code-A) Exam Conducted on 01 Mar 2018

Vocational Instructor in Dairying Milk Products (Code-A)

  1. Which one of the following is the National Heritage animal of India - Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Deer - Elephant
  2. What is the height of the Mount Everest - 8848 metres
  3. Which of the following is the longest river in the world - Amazon, Mississippi-Missouri, Hwang Ho, Nile - Nile
  4. What is the total area of Kerala - 38,863sq.kms
  5. The Planning Commission of India was set up in - 1950
  6. Who is known as 'The Grand Old Man of India' - Dadabhai Naoroji
  7. Who was known as the 'Lion of Punjab' - Lala Lajpat Rai
  8. Chauri Chaura incident took place on - 5 February 1922
  9. The Reserve Bank of India came into existence in - 1935
  10. Which Five Year Plan is known asNEHRU MAHALANOBIS PLAN - Second Five Year Plan
  11. Ayyankali founded Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham in - 1907
  12. Sri Narayana Guru was born at - Chempazhanthi
  13. The Islamika Dharma Paripalana Yogam was constituted by - Vakkom Abdul Khada Moulavi
  14. Which among the following is not the work of Vagbhatananda- Atmavidya, Adhyatmayuddham, Anandasopana, Prarthananjali - Anandasopana
  15. The Samathwa Samajam was started by - Vaikunda Swamikal
  16. Who administers the oath of the office of the President of India - The Chief Justice of India 
  17. The Olympics of 2020 will be held in - Tokyo
  18. Which is headquarters of the Asian Development Bank - Manila
  19. The 18th summit of the Non-Alignment will be held in - Azerbaijan
  20. Which of the following is the highest award in the field of Indian Cinema -Urvashi Award, Bharat Award, The Golden Lotus Award, Dada Saheb Phalke Award - Dada Saheb Phalke Award
  21. Extension Education is grpuped under - Non-formal Education
  22. With homogenizing pressure (P), and volume flow rate (Q), the power requirement of a homogenizer (E) is - E-PQ
  23. The typical yellowish green colour of whey is attributed - Riboflavin
  24. Which among the following is responsible for toxi, infection-Salmonella typhi, Staphylovovus oureus, Clostridium Botulinum, Clostridum perfringens - Clostridum perfringens
  25. The systematic name of beta-lactose is - 4-o-alpha D galactopyranosyl beta dglucopyranose
  26. Biological polymers that catalyze chemical reactions are - enzymes
  27. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of milk by 1 degree celcius, as compared to water is - 93%
  28. Which of the following is true for mastitic milk-Low lactose and high chloride content, High lactose and low chloride content, Low lactose and low chloride content, High lactose and high chloride content - Low lactose and high chloride content
  29. The test not related to antibiotic residue-Copain test, Delvo test, Catalase test, Charm test - Catalase test
  30. The difference between 'what is' and 'what ought to be' is - Need
  31. In milk powder the ratio of beta by alpha forms  of lactose at 20 degree celsius in equillibrium in - 1.25
  32. The isomer of lactose formed by molecular rearrangement where in the terminal aldose residue of lactose is converted into ketose - Lactulose
  33. In 3 class sampling plan - n,c,m and M are specified
  34. One unit of electricity is equal to - 1kWh
  35. Hybrid Napier is a cross between Napier grass and - Bajra
  36. Ideally pasteurised milk will be - Phosphatase negative and peroxidase positive
  37. Which of the following time temperature combination lead to complete denaturation of whey protein-72/15, 12/15, 90/10, 63/30 - 90 degree/10 min.
  38. The rotating speed of disk stacks of a cream separator with the bowl is --- rpm - 4000-6000
  39. The criteria that is not suited for indicator organisms - Survivability should be lessser than that of pathogen
  40. For which product is sulphite reducing Clostridia not a food safety criterion as per FSSAI - Ice-cream
  41. An effect whereby heat is given out or absorbed when an electric current passes across a junction between two materials is called - Peltier effect
  42. The principal compound that is responsible for the stretching quality of Mozzarella cheese is - Monocalcium p-caseinate
  43. Name the amino acid made unavailable due to Maillard browning - Lysine
  44. Which among the following is included in the food safety criteria specified in FSSAI for pasteurised milk-Salmonella, Coliform, Bacillus cereus, Yeast and mold - Salmonella
  45. In the study of pumps, NPSH stands for - Normal Pump Suction Head
  46. Dancdar khoa is suited for the preparation of - Kalakand
  47. Which among the following is not a native breed of Kerala-Kasargode Dwarf, Vechur, High range cow, Kangayam - Kangayam
  48. The major flavour compound in yogurt - acetaldehyde
  49. Common name of beta-galactosidase enzyme is - Lactase
  50. Maximum salt content permitted in butter - 3%
  51. Which genera of Lactic acid bacteria is used for flavour production  - Leuconostoc
  52. ___ test is not used for detection of mastific milk - Catalase test
  53. ___uses centrifugal force for removing bacteria from milk-homogenization,clarification, rectofugation, none - none
  54. The height of 'dado' of a dairy plant is - 1.5m
  55. The common name of C18:I fatty acid is - Oleic acid
  56. Which of the following is not true-Anormal Vieth ratio with low SNF is an indiction of extraneous water in milk, Vieth ratio is altered in mastific milk, Both a and b are true, b is true  but not a- b is true but not a
  57. Pre stratification is a method used in the production of - Ghee
  58. Dried fermented milk product of middle east - Kishk
  59. On exposure to UV radiation 7-dehydrocholesterol is converted to - Vitamin D
  60. Over run of soft ice cream - 30-50%
  61. Codex Alimentarius Commission is a joint venture of FAQ and - WHO
  62. As per FSSAI wt/vol for ice cream - should not be less than 525g/l
  63. According to Indian Standards, for milk, storage tanks,only ___ welding shall be done for all joints in stainless steel sheet - TIG
  64. The heat treatment that is used to extend the storage life of milk prior to pasteurisation - Thermization
  65. fats provide about ___ Kcal of energy per gram - 9.3
  66. Number of organisms present in a probiotic food product - 10^8 - 10^12 CFU/gm
  67. Gelation in UHT milk result from - Proteolysis
  68. The solubility index of spray dried powder should be below - 2
  69. --- requires a threshold level of stress to start and then follow a linear stress-strain relationship - Bingham Plastic
  70. Horrel Elliker test isused - to find the rate of acid production
  71. Milk is pumped into silos by - Centrifugal pump
  72. FSSA(Food Safety and Standards Act) was enacted in the year - 2006
  73. In Electro dialysis molecules pass through the membrane according to their - Both charge and molecular size
  74. The most important fat globule membrane protein is - Butyrophilin
  75. SS-304, used in dairy industry, is atype of stainless steel - AAustenitic
  76. Lactose crystallisation  leads to-Caking in milk powder, sandiness in icecream, both a and b, none - Both a and b
  77. Slope of thermal death line cruve gives - Z value
  78. Galactosemia is caused by the deficiency of ___ enzyme - Galactokinase
  79. The range of carbon present in mild steel is - 0.1 to 0.25 
  80. The test used to differentiate cow milk from buffalo milk - Hansa test
  81. The fatty acid that contributes to hydrolytic rancidity is - Butyric acid
  82. ___ is a colligaitve property of milk - Freezing point
  83. ___ pump operatees in a way similar to our throat and intestines - Peristaltic
  84. AGMARK grading is done by - Directorate of Marketing and Inspection
  85. As per FSSAI, nutter should have a minimum of ___% fat - 80
  86. The major whey protein in bovine milk - beta-lactoglobulin
  87. If the moisture content of a food product on wt basis is 50%, the moisture content of the product on dry matter basis is - 100%
  88.  Which of the following is not true for lactulose-Lactulose is a disaceharide formed between galactose and fructose, Lactulose is disaceharide formed between glucose and cructose, Lactulose is foound in strongly heated milk, Lactulose has prebiotic properties - Lactulose is a disaceharide formed between glucose and cructose
  89. Water in oil emulsion exist in - Butter
  90. Which ISO standard governs the Food Safety governs the Food Safety management System - ISO 22000
  91. In a spray dryter ___ is done for increasing the heat transfer surface area - Atomization
  92. Element that is not present in AISI 304 but present in AISI 316 Stainless Steel is - Molybdenum
  93. Milk devoid of fat is known as - Milk Plasma
  94. Microorganisms which can grow at refrigeration temperature - Psychrotrophs
  95. The unit of Reynold's number is -Nm/s, kj/kg/K, W/m^2, none - none
  96. Identify the natural antioxidant-Vitamin A, Carotene, Vitamin E, all the above - all the above
  97. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome is associated with - E.coli 0157.H7
  98. Milk stone has following constituents except-milk protein,calcium phosphate, sodium carbonate, insoluble calcium salts - sodium carbonate
  99. Bifidobacteria ferment lactose producing - Acetic acid and lactic acid in the ratio of 3:2
  100. The unit of bulk dendity-g/cm^3, g/l, both a and b, neither a nor b - both a and b 

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