KSR (Kerala Service Rules) - Model Questions 02

1. Leave granted to specified officers while under medical treatment of illness or injury due to risks incurred in the course of their official duties is called - Hospital Leave
2. Granting of compassionate allowance is the matter within the discretion of - Government
3. ___ means revenues administered by bodies which by law or rule having the force of law coming under the control of Government - Local fund
4. Power to sanction leave without allowance exceeding 4 months at a time is - Government
5. The Pension disbursing officer must require proof of continued existence of the pensioner (life certificate) at least - once in a year
6. If a deceased government servant has no surviving wife or children, the person eligible to get family pension is - Depended parents (in equal share)
7. For disbursing pensionary benefits the following documents are necessary - NLC & LPC
8. For granting invalid pension, the incapacity for service must established by a medical certificate. In the case of all gazetted government employees medical certificate from ____ is necessary - Medical Board
9. The leave salary admissible to the first four months of hospital leave is - Earned leave salary
10. For state Government employees working in New Delhi, the maximum period of absence combining casual leave with Sundays and other authorised holiday is ___ - 20 days
11. The leave admissible for a teaching staff working beyond the date of superannuation is ___ - Casual Leave
12. The period of overstayal of joining time may be regularised by granting - Eligible Leave
13. The duration of child adoption leave to female employee (The maximum period that can be granted) is ___ days - 180
14. Regular leave that can be granted in continuation of maternity leave does not include - CL
15. A halt in a place is treated as continuous unless terminated by an absence from the halting place exceeding 8 km for a period not less than - 3 consecutive nights
16. Persons above ___ years of age need not enroll as a member of Group Insurance Scheme. - 50
17. Ceiling on a commutable portion of pension is ___ percent at present - 40
18. The liabilities of an employee should be quantified and intimated to him before retirement, if possible or after retirement with in a period of ___ years - three
19. When recovery of excess payments made to an officer is recovered from the pension, the rate of recovery should not exceed ___ - 10% of monthly pension
20. The number of times a government servant can draw travelling allowance to appear for an obligatory departmental examination ___ - two
21. Ex-gratia pension is sanctioned to those who do not have a qualifying service of - 10 years
22. When travelling in class II hill tracts, an officer is entitled to draw an additional daily allowance of - 12.5%
23. The pension granted when an employee is selected for discharge owing to the abolition of a permanent post is termed as - Compensation pension
24. An officer is allowed to travel ___ kms on train to join a new post as maximum distance in a day - 500
25. When an officer on foreign service is reverted to Govt. Service his pay and allowances will be paid by the state government from the - date on which he assumes charge

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