KSR (Kerala Service Rules) - Model Questions 01

1. Maximum number of casual leave taken at a stretch is limited to (including intervening holidays) - 15 days
2. Pension commutation factor applicable for an employee at the retirement age of 56 - 11.10
3. An officer who is detained in custody for a period exceeding ___ hours shall deemed to be under suspension - 48 hours
4. The maximum period of compensation leave that can be taken by a govt. servant in a calendar year will be - 15 days
5. Temporary transfer means a transfer to duty in another station for a period not exceeding - 2 months
6. Pension papers shall be submitted atleast ____ before the date of retirement - 1 year
7. For drawing full amount of permanent travelling allowance an officer should be on tour outside 8 km from headquarters for ___ days in a month - 15 days
8. An officer under suspension is ___ - Eligible for periodic increase of DA
9. Maximum days that can be allowed for an employee for joining time is - 30 days
10. The minimum service required for granting superannuation pension to an employee is - 10 years
11. A pensioner died on 18.10.12 from which date will family pension be paid to his wife - 1.11.12
12. An officer who retired on 30.10.13 wants to commute maximum admissible portion of pension. If so which of the following options is correct 50%, 33.3%, 45%, 40% - 40%
13. Rule applicable in the pay fixation of an officer transferred from local fund institution to Govt. service is ___ part I KSR. - 159
14. The stagnation increment granted to an employee is treated as ____ - part of pay
15. The normal rate of family pension shall be ___% pay at the time of retirement. - 30
16. The term average emoluments for pension means the average calculated upon the last ___ months of service. - 10
17. A government servant is not eligible for extra ordinary pension, if he applies ___ years after sustaining an injury. - 6
18. The duration of child adoption leave to female employees will be ___ - 180 days
19. All applications for commutation of pension shall be addressed to ____ - Authority
20. Who is the authority to regulate the terms and conditions for grant of compensatory allowance ___ - Government
21. The maximum number of years reckoned for calculation of DCRG in the case of an officer who has put in 34 years of service is - 33 years
22. If the pensioner loses his half of the pension payment order, who will issue a new PPO. - DTO
23. Maximum period of leave not due can be granted at a time without M.C. - 90 days
24. Maximum number of earned leave at credit of an officer is - 300 days
25. An officer working at Kozhikode was deputed to Thiruvananthapuram for a training for four months. His eligibility for Travelling Allowance is - Transfer TA