1. Which are the Nitrogen bases present in DNA?

2. Which are the Nitrogen bases present in RNA?

3. Which nitrogen base is present in DNA but not in RNA?

4. Which nitrogen base is present in RNA but not in DNA?

5. What is the function of RNA ?

6. What are known as the biological catalysts?

7. Who discovered enzymes in 1900 by fermenting yeast?

8. What is the meaning of the word 'enzyme?

9. The complete active enzyme with its cofactor is called a _____?

10. The protein part of enzyme without its cofactor is called _____?

11. Who was the first to explain the catalytic action of the enzymes in 1888?

12. What is the optimum rate of temperature for the work of enzymes?

13. The enzymes have an optimum pH of ____ range to work properly?

14. Who proposed the binomial nomenclature to organisms through the book 'Species Plantarum'?

15. Who made the system of classification which placed all the living organisms in two major kingdoms namely Plantae & Animalia?

16. Who was the exponent of the Three kingdom system of classification?

17. Who put forward the Four Kingdom system of classification?

18. Who was behind the Five Kingdom System of Classification?

19. The organisms of bacteria, rickettesia and mycoplasma belongs to which kingdom?

20. The Primitive bacteria which mostly inhabit in extreme habitats is known as

21. The true bacteria which has the cellulosic cell wall is known as ______

22. Which are the spherical shaped bacteria?

23. The rod-shaped bacteria is known as ______?

24. Which are the spiral & helical shaped bacteria?

25. The presence of _______ is an important feature of bacteria?

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