Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 14

1. The flagella are the thread like structures found in bacteria meant for______?

2. The bacteria without the flagella is known as ______?

3. What is an example for the atrichous bacteria?

4. The self food producing bacteria is called_______?

5. The bacteria which take food from others is called ______?

6. What is the name of the bacteria which depends on dead organic matter?

7. The bacteria which establish association with other organisms are known as ______?

8. What is the name of the bacteria getting food from other organisms?

9. The common means of vegetative reproduction in bacteria is ______?

10. Which organism is known as 'the joker of microbiology?

11. Who discovered mycoplasma in 1898?

12. All eukaryotic single-celled organisms that resembles with plants, animals & fungi belongs to which kingdom?

13. Which parasite causes Kala-azar?

14. The body of which organisms are made up of filaments called Hyphae?

15. The mushrooms belong to which kingdom of organisms?

16. The edible part of a mushroom is known as _____?

17. Which is the most common edible mushroom?

18. _______ is an example for poisonous mushroom?

19. The animal diseases of Athlete foot & ringworm are caused by _______?

20. Which fungi is famous for the production of antibiotics?

21. Which fungi is used to produce citric acid?

22. Which fungi is used in the production of Vitamin B & D?

23. Which fungi is used to produce various enzymes?

24. The symbiotic association of a fungi and algae is known as _____?

25. The symbiotic association of fungi & roots of higher plants is known as _______>

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