Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 32

Kerala PSC History Question and Answers - 32

1. Who was the Viceroy when General Election was held in all the provinces of the British India in 1937?

2. The freedom fighter who was known as 'Grand old Man of Gujarat'?

3. Whose earlier name was Veereswar Dutt?

4. The first and last Indian to become the Governor General of independent India

5. The first Governor General of Pakistan:

6. The first prime minister of Pakistan:

7. The Governor General who had lost his left hand in the Napoleonic wars:

8. The Governor General who was instrumental in starting the Elphinstone College at Pune:

9. The leader of national movement whose birth day is August 15

10. The Viceroy who believed in free trade and abolished all export duties except those on rice, oil, indigo and lac

11. The viceroy who inaugurated a new province known as the North West Frontier:

12.Thugs were hereditary________

13. Which treaty ended the Gurkha War?

14. Who among the following had to wage a war with Rohillas?

15. Who authored 'India wins Freedom'?

16. Who got lathi blows while protesting against Simon Commission, which became fatal to him?

17. Who is called the modern Manu?

18. Who led the activities of the Theosophical Society in India?

19. Who popularised the worship of Ganapathi in Maharashtra?

20. Who said 'Swarajya is my birth right'?

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