Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 9

Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 9

1. Which country is often called as 'Sickman of Asia"?

2. Which country's national animal is cow?

3. Who was the first prime minister of Pakistan?

4. Which is the largest Gulf Country?

5. Which Asian Country's tourism tag line is 'The Wonder of Asia'?

6. In order to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change, the WWF started an event in 2007, which is observed on the last Saturday of March every year. Name the event?

7. The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 is popularly known as?

8. The 1971 Convention on Wetlands, held in Iran is popularly known as?

9. The movement that practises the Gandhian methods of Satyagraha and non-violent resistance, through the act of hugging trees to protect them from being felled is ___?

10. The modern Chipco Movement started in the early 1970s in the Garhwal Himalayas of which state?

11. Kyoto Protocol deals with ____?

12. The International Agreement dealing with substances that deplete the Ozone Layer is known as _____?

13. The World Sparrow Day is observed on _____?

14. The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference is commonly known as ___?

15. The United Nations Framework convention on climate change, aimed at fighting global warming is popularly known as ____?

16. The Kyoto Protocol entered into force on ___?

17. Which is the most important green house gas?

18. Where is the headquarters of the International Astronomical Union?

19. After which mythological characters names did the Solar Systems planets are named?

20. What is the number of the recognized dwarf planets in the solar system?

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