Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 7

Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 7

1. Which is India's first shore-based steel plant?

2. In steel industry, the substance introduced in the smelting of ores to promote fluidity and to remove impurities is known as ____?

3. What are the examples of fluxes?

4. Which country is the largest producer of sugarcane?

5. Which is the chief distributing & marketing centre for sugar industry in northern India?

6. Which is the largest agro-based industry of India?

7. Which industry's by-products are molasses & pressmud?

8. Which city is known as 'The Lancashire of India'?

9. Where was India's first woollen mill set up in 1876?

10. The rearing of silkworms is called____?

11. Eri, Tusser & muga are examples of ____?

12. In which year was the Department of Non-Conventional Energy sources formed?

13. Which technology enables the conversion of solar energy into electricity?

14. Which radio active element's ore is monozite"

15. The Jaduguda mines are famous for ____?

16. Beryllium is used as ____ in the atomic piles?

17. In which state is the Talcher thermal power station situated?

18. In which state is the Narora Atomic Power Station?

19. Which place in Tamil Nadu is famous for lignite deposit?

20. Which is the oldest oil refinery in India?

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