1. Which is called the 'Grains of Paradise'?

2. Xerophytes are grown in :

3. The wood used for making snake boat:

4. The birth place of Mango tree:

5. Plant that produes frutis once in life:

6. The acid contained in Palm oil:

7. What is known as 'Timber of Gods'?

8. Santalum album is the botanical name of:

9. The Botanical Survey of India was established in -

10. The plant that stores food in its leaves:

11. The term associated with the cultivation of grapes :

12. Which is known as 'Mother of Medicinal Plants'?

13. Beer and Whiskey are made from :

14. The native place of Cactus :

15. Who discovered that plant body is made up of cells?

16. The host of Rafflesia plant:

17. The part of cotton producing pure cellulose is :

18. What is the mode of nutrition of mushroom?

19. Which biochemical causes leaf fall in plants?

20. Oil used in baby soap:

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