Kerala PSC Geography Question and Answers - 6

1. Which Indian state banned the forceful religious conversions?

2. Which is the classical dance form of Assam?

3. The slogan 'Ecology is the permanent economy' is associated with which movement?

4. The Programme Project Tiger was started in ____ National Park?

5. Mandla Plant Fossils National Park is situated in which state?

6. Panna National Park is located on the banks of which river?

7. Which is the world's largest river delta?

8. About 85% of rock in the Earth's crust is constituted by which type of rocks.

9. What are the examples for chemically formed sedimentary rocks?

10. Himalayas are example for which type of mountain?

11. The Indian metropolitan city that is nearest to Tropic of Cancer

12. The forests grow near the equatorial regions are called?

13. Which is the oldest mountain range of India?

14. Which is the important latitude that passes through India?

15. The northernmost capital city in the world?

16. Where is the location of the hill Patkai?

17. What is the previous name of Sohra?

18. There are four coral reefs in India, Located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Gulf of Mannar, Lakshadweep and _____.

19. Dudhwas National Park is situated in which state?

20. Sambhar lake is in which state?

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