Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 16

Kerala PSC - Important and Expected General Science Questions - 16

1. Which bird is known as the Scavenger of Nature?

2. Which has the largest mouth among the vertibrates in the land?

3. Which ammmal lives in the highest altitude?

4. Which organism has its auditory organs in leg?

5. High blood pressure is known as :

6. The maximum amount of blood that can be taken from a donor at a time is ___ ml.

7. Which bird lays the biggest egg in relation to their body size:

8. Erythrocyte is another name of :

9. What is called 'river of life'?

10. Which land animal has the thickest skin:

11. The pgments in bile are ____ and Biliverdin.

12. The largest visceral organ in human:

13. In the beginning which disease was known as GRID disease (Gay Related Immune Dificiency)?

14. Who is called the father of Immunology

15. Which disease that not affects liver?

16. Schick Test is used to detect:

17. The protein found in cone cells of the human eye:

18. Which part of the ear is related to maintaining the equillibrium of body?

19. Which part is known as 'Little brain'?

20. The enzyme that coagulates milk into curd:

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