Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 66

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Question and Answers - 66

1. Who is the first elected President of Mayanmar?

2. Which is the first Pakistani Province to adopt the Hindu Marriage Bill by allowing the minority community to register their marriages?

3. Which State Govt. has launched the Rapid Rural Police Response System to ensure prompt & effective police response in villages?

4. Which country associated with India in developing the medium range missile of MR-SAM?

5. The National Statistics Day is observed on ____

6. Which is the first river Island district of India?

7. Which country inaugurated the world's first electric road?

8. Which state government has launched the Sakhi-One stop centre to help women in distress?

9. Which is the anti-diabetic Ayurvedic drug launched by the CSIR?

10. Which Article of the Constitution ensures Equality before Law

11. Which Article of the Constitution deals with the Abolition of Titles?

12. What is the subject matter of the Article 21A of the Constitution?

13. What is the duration of Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha?

14. Who can participate in the business of the Parliament without being a member?

15. Which is the largest irrigation project in Kerala?

16. The Brahmos missile is being manufactured with the collaboration of

17. Which is the only District in Kerala that did not has any reserve forest?

18. Which novelist created the character of 'Harry Potter'?

19. What is the most common use of Bordeaux mixture?

20. What is usually called as paraffin?

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