436. He is ___ unique politician.
[a] An [b] some [c] a [d] any

437. Neither of them ____ the answer
[a] was knowing [b] know [c] is knowing [d] knows

438. Mumbai is the seaport ___ to Europe
[a] near by [b] nearest [c] near [d] next

439. None of the People arrived in time for the meeting___
[a] didn't they [b] have they [c] don't [d] did they

440. The synonym of 'absurd' is:
[a] unconscious [b] consious [c] foolish [d] sensible

441. Which is correctly spelt?
[a] pronounciation [b] lieutenant [c] occured [d] occurrance

442. The antonym of 'brave' is :
[a] timid [b] courageous [c] bold [d] daring

443. A ____ of lions
[a] pride [b] parliament [c] gang [d] herd

444. If you had worked hard, you ___ a first class
[a] will get [b] may get [c] would have got [d] might get

445. Seema prefers saree ___ churidhar.
[a] than [b] more than [c] to [d] better than

446. Which of the following is wrongly spelt?
[a] recured [b] paralleled [c] budgeted [d] preferred

447. Plural of Son-in-law is:
[a] Sons-in-laws [b] Sons-in-law [c] Son-in-laws [d] Sonsandlaws

448. That work is ____ for any man to do single-handed.
[a] more than enough [b] much more [c] very much [d] too much

449. I hope you will excuse ___ early.
[a] am leaving [b] my leave [c] me leaving [d] me leave

450. How long have ___ here?
[a] you wait [b] you been waiting [c] you are waiting [d] you waited

451. 'Opus-magnum' means:
[a] a great work [b] greateful [c] in reality [d] magnitude

452. One who compiles dictionaries is called a:
[a] Dictator [b] Calligrapher [c] Linguist [d] Lexicographer

453. You ___ ask permission
[a] will better [b] would better [c] had better [d] have better

454. This is the house ____ I was born.
[a] were [b] which [c] when [d] where

455. We should always ____ the meaning of new words in the dictionary.
[a] look into [b] look up [c] look over [d] look after