Kerala PSC - Model Questions English - 33

416. This is _____ interesting way of teaching language.
[a] the [b] an [c] a [d] of

417. Shall we go to Ooty? This is an ____ sentence
[a] imperative [b] exclamatory [c] assertive [d] interrogative

418. Roy ____ his brother is in the army
[a] as well as [b] as soon as [c] both ___ and [d] as if

419. We make sugar from sugarcane. The Passice form is
[a] Sugar makes sugarcane [b] Sugar made from sugarcane
[c] Sugar is made from sugarcane
[d] Sugar can be made from sugarcane

420. The fire tried to
[a] put up [b] put out [c] put off [d] put on

421. The Foreign word 'Viva Voce' means
[a] Orally [b] Eminently [c] Written [d] Completely

422. 'A word that is opposite in meaning to another one'. Choose the correct one word
[a] Anonymous [b] Antonym [c] Agronomy [d] Archasim

423. 'Take rest for a few days', the doctor said to me. The Indirect Speech is
[a] The doctor advised me to take rest for a few days
[b] The doctor advised rest for a few days
[c] The doctor told me rest for a few days
[d] The doctor advised me take rest for a few days

424. 'Zebraline' is a ____ noun
[a] collective [b] proper [c] compound [d] abstract

425. The Antonym of 'Attentive'
[a] Disattentive [b] Unattentive [c] Attentiveless [d] Inattentive

426. Can you walk a bit _____ ?
[a] fast [b] faster [c] fastest [d] fastly

427. My grandma talks to ____ sometimes.
[a] herself [b] ourselves [c] myself [d] yourself

428. Choose the correct spelling.
[a] Postpond [b] Apologise [c] Recovered [d]Argud

429. She ____ coffee before her husband woke up.
[a] made [b] makes [c] has made [d] had made

430. Beware ___ dogs
[a] on [b] at [c] of [d] to

431. The question is too difficult ____ use infinitive
[a] for answering [b] to answer [c] to be answered [d] to answering

432. They sell ____ at this shop.
[a] Stationery [b] Stationary [c] Stationry [d] Stationaries

433. The Idiom 'In a fog' means
[a] overjoyed [b] confused [c] jealous [d] happy

434. The 'Woodlanders' _____ an interesting novel
[a] are [b] has [c] were [d] is

435. If you opened the door, ____
[a] we could enter [b] we can enter
[c] we will enter [d] we could have entered