Kerala PSC Junior Clerk Co-operative Societies Model Questions - 04

Kerala PSC - Junior Clerk, Co-operative Societies - Model Question Paper 04

01. The first land mortgage bank was registered in the year - 1920
02. The head quarters of KSCARDS is at - Thiruvananthapuram
03. ____ is the apex institution of the marketing co-operatives in Kerala - Marketfed
04 The NAFED has its headquarters at - New Delhi
05. The NCDC was established in - 1963
06. The biggest departmental store is - Delhi Supermarket
07. The Apex level institution of consumer movement in the state is - Consumerfed
08. ANAND is place in KAIRA district of - Gujrat
09. White revolution was introduced and operated under the able guidance of - Dr. V Kurian
10. The Kerala State Co-operative Housing Federation was organised with headquarters at - Cochin
11. ____ is a fund constituted by the Govt. by collecting levy of additional excise duty on mill made cloths - Cessfund
12. NABARD is managed by a board consisting of ___ members - 15
13. The swarozgar credit card scheme was introduced by - NABARD
14. The pattern of organisation of consumer co-operative stores in the country represents a ___ tire structure - 4 tire
15. All business transactions are firstly recorded in the - Journal
16. The keystone of co-operative movement in Kerala - SCB 17. The employee credit societies have got a ____ structure. - Single
18. The open body or labour co-operative movement in India was - NLCF
19. The employees credit societies have got a ____ structure - Single
20. ___ was the first producer oriented dairy cooperative formed in India - AMUL
21. The amendment to the byelaw of a society can be made by - General body
22. Who can open a crossed cheque - Drawer
23. A co-operative society can give donations from the - Common Goods fund
24. The biggest commercial bank in India is - SBI
25. Days of grace is generally allowed in the case of - Bill of exchange
26. Mirdha committee gave a new orientation to - Indian co-operation
27. Multi state co-operative societies act was enacted in - 2002
28. Mehta committee report states that the cadre of registrar should not be below - IAS Officer
29. The currency notes of India is issued by - RBI
30. Boks and registrar of co-operative societies are mentioned as per rule - Rule 29
31. Co-operative audit is done by - Department Auditors
32. Examination of transaction with the help of documentary evidence is called - Vouching
33. ____ is the amount given by Govt. which need not be repaid - Grant
34. The co-operative department is headed by - The Registrar
35. Team audit was introduced in the year - 1988
36. All societies in Kerala are - Multifunctional
37. Income and Expenditure account is a - Nominal A/c
38. When did Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) come into being - Ist June
39. Area of central co-operative Bank in Kerala - District
40. Which year is declared as international year of co-operative - 2012
41. When there is over-subscription allotment of shares is usually done on _____ basis - Pro-rata
42. Home land of agricultural co-operation in the world - Denmark
43. What is the relationship, generally between banker and customer - Debtor and Creditor
44. Auditors plan of action is called - Audit Programme
45. Which of the following committees submitted its report on insurance sector reforms - Malhotra Committee
46. What is the main purpose of a currency - Medium of Exchange
47. The industry which employs the maximum number of workers in India - Cotton Textile
48. Absorption costing is also known as - Full Costing
49. Median is - Middle Most Value
50. In the case of joint stock company, goodwill is shown on the asset side under the head of ____ - Fixed Asset

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