50 Important General Knowledge Question and Answers - Kerala PSC GK
1. What is the current name of the sporting event known at the beginning as the 'All India Olympic Games'?

2. In which year was the Indian Olympic Association formed?

3. The people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture and politics is known as

4. Which Vitamin deficiency disease is also known in te names of 'Barlow's Disease * Cheadle's disease?

5. Name the most abundant protein in mammals, which is the main component of connective tissues?

6. The famous Aga Khan Award is given for the excellence in the field of

7. Which Asian city's major attraction is the Water Towers?

8. What is the most widely used food additive to prevent botulism?

9. What cause the disease of helminthiasis in humans & animals

10. Which part of the body is affected by the Paget's disease?

11. Which country's regional airline is 'SilkAir'>

12. Which is the largest container port in India?

13. Which country is affected by the desert winds of 'Brickfielder'?

14. Which foul card in Hockey is similar to yellow card in the football?

15. Who was the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Peace but declined it?

16. Which American diplomat is the author of 'The White House Years'?

17. Who is the only person in the history of America to have served as both Vice President & President without being elected to either office?

18. The economy of which European country is referred to as 'the Celtic Tiger'?

19. Which leader of the 1857 uprising had the original name of Dhondu Pant?

20. Who mad the famous statement of 'Those who don't known history are doomed to repeat it'?

21. Which Indian artist was popularly known as 'Aban Thakur'?

22. Who was the creator of the Indian Society of Oriental Art?

23. The ISO 4217 standard of International Organization for Standardization is associated with

24. Which African country's currency is Nakfa?

25. What is the subject matter of the scientific study of Chirology?

26. Which country's official Calendar is Vikram Samvat?

27. Who presented the first budget in Indian History in 1860?

28. Which country's national flag is known as 'the Saltire'?

29. Which was the first Indian company to be listed on the American Stock exchange NASDAQ?

30. With which disease is the ART Treatment related?

31. Which was the first e-newspaper in India?

32. Which was the first space mission to detect Earth like planets?

33. What is the maximum number of eclipses that can occur in any given year?

34. Which African river crosses the Tropic of Capricorn Twice?

35. Which South American country is known as 'Heart of America'?

36. Press Note 18 sets out government's policy for approval of new projects of

37. What is the name of the region of the Solar system beyond the planets, extending from the orbit of Neptune?

38. Which plant hormone is important in seed germination?

39. Which international sports competition was founded by Dwight F Davis?

40. Which disease is also known in the names pyrosis and cardialgia?

41. Which association of business organizations in India was established in 1927, on the advice of Gandhiji by GD Birla & Ramkumar Kankrawa?

42. Which countries are situated in the Iberian Peninsula?

43. Which ancient King of India was elected through voting?

44. Which metal is used in the catalytic converters in cars to reduce the pollution from exhaust gases?

45. Which country issued the world's first driving licence?

46. Which African country was formerly known as 'Ubangi Shari'?

47. Name the spiral arm of the Milky way in which the Solar System and therefore the Earth lies?

48. Which region of Earth is also known as '50 Degree Summer Isotherm'?

49. Which country is situated closest to the geographical centre of the Earth?

50. Which grassland in India is known as 'Nature's own Garden'?